Pointe Shoe Scholarship Application

Deadline to Apply is JUNE 1ST

You can also submit all materials to: Chevaldancewear@gmail.com.

Applicants must have been accepted to the Ballet West Academy Summer Intensive 2019 and confirmed their attendance.

Your Essay

Write or copy and paste your essay below. You can also email your essay as a Word file, PDF, or simply copy into the body of an email to: Chevaldancewear@gmail.com

Essay Ideas: Why do you dance? How did you start dancing? How would you convince a friend who has not seen a dance performance to attend one? What do you think the art of dance contributes to everyday life? What argument would you make for keeping an art class, music class or dance class in a school that was considering cutting it?

The essay must be written by the student. Parents may help with correction and editing. ALL essay applicants will be invited to have their essay published on the Cheval Blog.

You should receive a confirmation email. If you do not please email Chevaldancewear@gmail.com