Cheval Dancewear Pointe Shoe Scholarship Application

Open to all female students auditioning for the Ballet West Academy Summer Intensive 2018. Application is FREE. DEADLINE TO APPLY: June 1st by 12:00 AM.

The dancer applying must write the essay or biography. Parents, please do not write us telling about your daughter's progress, We want to read about her thoughts and experiences. Parents may help with spell, grammar etc./h3>

Cheval Dancewear is offering a $300 scholarship to one participant of the Ballet West Academy Summer Intensive, 2018. You must be accepted for the intensive to be considered. Please only apply if you have had at least one year of pointe classes. The scholarship winner will be announced on the first day of the Intensive.

Essay Submission

Please submit essay text in the box below. You may type your essay directly into the text box, type it in a word processor then copy and paste into the box, or email your essay and photo to All submission types will be weighted the same.
For your essay please consider one, some, or all of the following ideas: Why did you start dancing? How has dance changed your life and your family's life, both for better and worse? Does dance help you in any other area of your life? Do you think everyone could or should study ballet, or only some people? What do ballet and other art forms contribute to communities? How would you convince some one who has never seen a ballet to go to a live performance? You may also use your own topics, but use these as a guideline for getting started.
Your essay can be of any length, but keep in mind that you will need to say enough to make your point, but not so much that you might lose the average casual reader. Between 300 and 1,000 words would be appropriate.

Upload your photo here:

Your photo should reflect your best look as a dancer. You can use a simple pose or a dramatic shot. We are looking for photos that are clear, well composed, and expressive.

Optional: I give Cheval Dancewear permission to use my photo in promotions and social media regardless of whether or not I win the scholarship.

Optional: I am interested in having my essay published on the Cheval Dancewear Blog. I understand that I DO NOT have to be the scholarship winner to have my essay considered for the blog.

The essays and photos will be reviewed by a committee of dancers, dance educators, and directors in the Salt Lake area. Please see committee members below. For biographical information please email

Heather Fryxell
Ballet West Academy Assistant Director
Sarah Lund
Owner, Cheval Dancewear
Maureen Laird
Ballet Educator, Private Coach.
Ballet West Company Member
Terry Davis
Salt Lake City Ballet Artistic Director
Justine Sheedy Kramer
Salt Lake City Ballet Operations Director, Worldance Director and Company Member.
Constanza E. Murphy
Soloist, Bay Pointe Ballet, dance educator
Charlotte Kelly
Dance Educator, University of Utah Ballet Instructor
Devin Larson
Oklahoma City Ballet Soloist, Ballet Educator
Rebecca Christensen
Ballet Educator, Dance Nutritionist
Salt Lake City Freelance Dancer
Sarah Longoria
Director and Founder of Municipal Ballet Company
Darylann Ashby
Salt Lake City freelance Dancer