On Pointe with Emma, Audion Follow Up

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If you have been rejected as a dancer, you are in good company! It's Not Rejection, It's Motivation December 7,

Guest Post: En POinte with Emma: College Audtions

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Emma asked us to share her experiences auditioning for college dance programs. Auditions are a major part of every dancer's

Balanchine’s Borscht

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For some reason my local library only had ballet books about Balanchine's company, New York City Ballet. I found Once

September Fast 2019

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Time to fast again! I m writing this on the 25th of this month. My longest fasting streak was five

Sarah Lund Resume

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Sarah K. Richards (Lund) 1167 East Bueno Ave. Salt Lake City UT. 84102 801-386-2680, gollybeanhead@gmail.com EDUCATION December 2011 • BFA

Isabella Mudrick

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Dancer at Skye Ballet Center I feel the smooth ribbon rub against my fingertips as I tuck them against my

Emma Horio: Why Do You Dance?

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Why do you dance? When I was nine years old, I attended my first ballet class. Why? Because my mom

I’m Sorry I Said I Was Fat

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Unless you have thigh gap and clearly defined collar bones, OR you've done some strong personal affirmation work, as a

Be ALL of Your Real Self

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Recently Kirsten of Twin Talks Ballet, a very successful ballet focused YouTube channel, created a video where she said she

Becoming a Professional Dancer

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I grew up hearing that the top rank of dancers were professionals. When my first ballet teacher talked about professional

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