Bullet Pointes Guest Post: Meet Stephy Proost

Stephy has an amazing story. There are some powerful things in here, especially for those who support a dancer in their family. Please read and enjoy and think about how you support the dreams and

Full Pointe: Sarah Likes to Draw

I didn't say draw well. But sometimes my love for dance bleeds over in to other art forms.   I call my drawing my Happy Amateur activity; it makes ME happy. My dear mother has

March Bullet Pointes: Photo and video Tips

Nailing a Photo Shoot In the age of mega media sharing, so many dancers are striving to get a flattering shot or video. It could be for a resume for your dream job, or just

February Bullet Pointes

Blisters! A fact of life for dancers of all styles, and sometimes considered a badge of honor. They still hurt. I had a student who tore a quarter sized piece of skin off the bottom

Full Pointe; Sarah’s health, fitness, fat and thin journey

I was never a tiny kid. I was never all leg and elbow like some of the "Bambi" ballerinas that populate a certain sphere of Instagram. They are 13 and already have perfect extensions and

January Bullet Pointes

Image credit: Maria Kochetkova with San Francisco Ballet in Tomasson’s Giselle. © Erik Tomasson Counting Adagio Music This month’s subject can be a tricky one. We are talking about counting and hearing the beats in