Full Pointes: Heidi and Chrystel

This photo says so much. Love of ballet, friendship in challenging times. I’m not in this photo, but I was there that day and it was truly special.   The dancer in the leg brace

Fall Bullet Pointes: Write Yourself Powerful

Fall Bullet Pointes Hello dancers and teachers! I hope your school year and dance seasons are going well.  What shows are you planning for? What goals have you set for yourself in class? I only

Guest Post: Becoming Bulletproof By Tanya Trombly

Becoming Bulletproof By Tanya Trombly (@bulletproof_ballerina) Photo credit Rachel Neville I was never meant to be a ballerina. My genetics did not give me the "perfect" ballerina body. My short limbs and athletic build are

Guest Post: Brianna Miller

Brianna's essay was one of our tops picks for the Cheval Pointe Shoe Scholarship. She has graciouly agreed to let us share it here. Thank you, Brianna!   Brianna Miller   I have been dancing

July Bullet Pointes; Thank you and stay healthy!

We hope you summer is going well. We know summer is BUSY so we'll keep these brief. If you are dancing, teaching, or chauffeuring dancers-in-training, keep these in mind for the hot summer: Drink water!

Why Ballet? 2018 Cheval Pointe Shoe Scholarship Winner Katherine Kaufman

Why ballet? There is a moment before the music begins where silence whisps through the room. Your arms are in bras bas, your feet in first. In that moment, all outside distractions melt away. The