My (Usually) Morning Routine

I've been working to have a good morning routine for years, and what I've found is that I tend to go in cycles. I start with a simple list of three or fewer things that

Ballet Costs Money

I've been thinking for a while about how to tell my audience and customers about why this business exists. I'm finding that large part of marketing involves telling the story of the company. I've tried

My Ballet Heritage Part One: Olga Preobrajenska

In the last several years I have grown curious about my first ballet teacher's life and the line of dancers and teachers that made her who she is. Miss Taunia Wheeler was my first dance

How Accounting Led to the Invention of Ballet

The powerful and influential Medici Family was first self-supporting as cloth and textile merchants. In the fifteenth century they established the Medici Bank, which became the largest and most respected  in all of Europe. A

Ballet Stories: Elizabeth

First in our ballet Stories Series, Elizabeth shares her "Why" Why ballet, why teaching, how she discovered her love for photography and what led to one of our most popular photos in the Cheval Dancewear

Full Pointes: Sarah’s Experience with Cold Showers

You can Google "cold showers" and get a whole list of websites, from Men's Health to Medical Daily. Most of them seem to me to say have about the same list of benefits, increased immunity