Help Cheval GIVE: 2019 Pointe Shoe Schoalrship

Last year Cheval Dancewear was able to give a $300 scholarship to a wonderful hard working young dancer who attended the 2018 Ballet West Academy Summer Intensive. It was a wonderful experience for the essay

Full Pointes: My Maddening March

I'm back for daily updates on diet, my workouts and chasing my ballet and body composition goals. One of my favorite teachers is coming back to Salt Lake next week. If you do ballet

what am i doing

I was in a sort of job review meeting, unofficial, with a ballet studio owner several years ago. We were discussing some mistakes I'd made recently and whether I should continue working there. She asked

My (Usually) Morning Routine

I've been working to have a good morning routine for years, and what I've found is that I tend to go in cycles. I start with a simple list of three or fewer things that

Ballet Costs Money

I've been thinking for a while about how to tell my audience and customers about why this business exists. I'm finding that large part of marketing involves telling the story of the company. I've tried

My Ballet Heritage Part One: Olga Preobrajenska

In the last several years I have grown curious about my first ballet teacher's life and the line of dancers and teachers that made her who she is. Miss Taunia Wheeler was my first dance