Full Pointe: Sarah’s 31 Day Carnivore Challenge, Ballet Fitness Goals, and Plans to help Cheval Dancewear GROW!

I am still in self experimentation mode. I have lots of goals and expectations for the new year. For January, I am gong to try the Carnivore Diet. Here is a video explaining what it

Full Pointe: Sarah’s Winter Break Goals, fasting update, and Vision Update for Cheval Dancewear

I want to bring myself, me, Sarah, my face, more to the front of my dance wear business. I started out trying to keep it separate from me, to have it be its own entity

December Bullet Pointes: Plan Your New Year, and a Gift of Music

Hello all and Merry Christmas! We also wish you joy and rejoicing for whatever family  tradition you have in this season. And most of all, happy dancing and performing. I have two bullet pointes, aimed at

Full Pointe: December Fasting for Health, Power, Peace, and a Hard Bod

Welcome to December Fast. You can join me and my friends on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2457162164299965/permalink/2457162167633298/?notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic¬if_id=1543631834711200 Shoot me an email at Chevaldancewear.com to be put on a private mailing list for a fasting group, or leave comments

Full Pointes: November Fast 2018

Thank you to everyone who read my October Fast posts. Knowing that people were reading and waiting to see what would happen next kept me accountable. It was very motivational, even on the days where

Full Pointes: October Fast

Introduction to my 14 Day Fasting Journal You read that correctly, October Fast, not Oktoberfest. I started this month with a 14 day salt water fast. This is the first long fast I've been able