Thank you for checking out my blog. Its a little wonky in that its not always about the dancewear. Its not always about the dance world and some times its not even about ballet, its

Isabella Mudrick

Dancer at Skye Ballet Center I feel the smooth ribbon rub against my fingertips as I tuck them against my ankles. I stand, rising up on pointe and rocking back and forth on my feet,

Emma Horio: Why Do You Dance?

Why do you dance? When I was nine years old, I attended my first ballet class. Why? Because my mom signed me up. Every Wednesday at 5:30, I walked into the studio and did simple

I’m Sorry I Said I Was Fat

Unless you have thigh gap and clearly defined collar bones, OR you've done some strong personal affirmation work, as a dancer you WILL worry about your weight. Even being super thin already is not a

Be ALL of Your Real Self

Recently Kirsten of Twin Talks Ballet, a very successful ballet focused YouTube channel, created a video where she said she had begun to regret using New Age and all inclusive language in her videos. For

Becoming a Professional Dancer

I grew up hearing that the top rank of dancers were professionals. When my first ballet teacher talked about professional dancers she meant dancers who could be quiet back stage, who knew their parts, who

Amateur Ballet Dancer Goes Pro

I'm in a professional ballet company! OH MY GOODNESS! It is only for the summer, and I'm not getting paid, but I get to dance all day in a professional setting, and I got a scholarship,