Thank you for checking out my blog. Its a little wonky in that its not always about the dancewear. Its not always about the dance world and some times its not even about ballet, its

Balanchine’s Borscht

For some reason my local library only had ballet books about Balanchine's company, New York City Ballet. I found Once a Dancer by Allegra Kent there when I was about 13. My high school library

September Fast 2019

Time to fast again! I m writing this on the 25th of this month. My longest fasting streak was five days. That might be the longest I get. As I write I'm feeling head achy

Sarah Lund Resume

Sarah K. Richards (Lund) 1167 East Bueno Ave. Salt Lake City UT. 84102 801-386-2680, gollybeanhead@gmail.com EDUCATION December 2011 • BFA Music and Music Education University of Utah 2012 • Ongoing study in the Vaganova method

Isabella Mudrick

Dancer at Skye Ballet Center I feel the smooth ribbon rub against my fingertips as I tuck them against my ankles. I stand, rising up on pointe and rocking back and forth on my feet,

Emma Horio: Why Do You Dance?

Why do you dance? When I was nine years old, I attended my first ballet class. Why? Because my mom signed me up. Every Wednesday at 5:30, I walked into the studio and did simple

I’m Sorry I Said I Was Fat

Unless you have thigh gap and clearly defined collar bones, OR you've done some strong personal affirmation work, as a dancer you WILL worry about your weight. Even being super thin already is not a