Thank you for checking out my blog. Its a little wonky in that its not always about the dancewear. Its not always about the dance world and some times its not even about ballet, its

Take Control of Your Flexibilty

https://www.flexibilitymakeover.com/pages/pricing This post is being written during the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic. Many dancers are practicing, studying, teaching, and rehearsing in their homes or in sparsely occupied studios. We have been asked, and in many

Wear the T Shirt

Loyalty is a big deal to me. Almost to my detriment some times. I am loyal to my family, to friends, even if we only shared a short time together, and to my employers. That

On Pointe with Emma, Audion Follow Up

If you have been rejected as a dancer, you are in good company! It's Not Rejection, It's Motivation December 7, 2019 | By Emma Bachtel In my last post, I wrote about my audition for

Guest Post: En POinte with Emma: College Audtions

Emma asked us to share her experiences auditioning for college dance programs. Auditions are a major part of every dancer's life. Her is Emma's perspective. We wish you all the best Emma! College Audition #1:

Balanchine’s Borscht

For some reason my local library only had ballet books about Balanchine's company, New York City Ballet. I found Once a Dancer by Allegra Kent there when I was about 13. My high school library

September Fast 2019

Time to fast again! I m writing this on the 25th of this month. My longest fasting streak was five days. That might be the longest I get. As I write I'm feeling head achy