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Guest Post: Ballet Education, by Lana Petkovic from BalletParents.com

Before you read this amazing post, check out Lana's page here: https://www.balletparents.com/home Here is Lana's amazing post on ballet education, both in public schools and in specialized ballet instruction. Enjoy! Who cares about ballet? It

May Bullet Pointes: To Become a Great Dancer

This post shares some information that is very close to my heart as a dancer and a dance teacher. To me, these are the Beatitudes of ballet, the fundamental  success principles that will take ANYONE

Full Pointe: Body Hate, Body Love

This blue puffy vest is my security blanket. I wear it for every class and while I teach. I cannot stand the sight of my waist right now. If you read my last post on

April Bullet Pointes: Your Audience

Happy spring dancers and teachers! Here are some thoughts on preparing for performance and giving your audience your best every time. • From the moment you or your students grasp the barre, perform. Ballet exercises

Bullet Pointes Guest Post: Meet Stephy Proost

Stephy has an amazing story. There are some powerful things in here, especially for those who support a dancer in their family. Please read and enjoy and think about how you support the dreams and

Full Pointe: Sarah Likes to Draw

I didn't say draw well. But sometimes my love for dance bleeds over in to other art forms.   I call my drawing my Happy Amateur activity; it makes ME happy. My dear mother has