About Our Artists

Johannes Vermeer 1632-1675

Vermeer did not produce many paintings during his life, but the few we have of his are incredible for their detail, treatment of light, and expression. He lived a provincial life in Delft, the Netherlands. He did win some recognition during his life time from the German Government for his art, but he died in obscurity, leaving his family in debt. His art communicates love for his simple subjects and a deep understanding of light and reflection.

“Yes, Johannes Vermeer paints in thin layers – there is no waste effort…Vermeer is not a sun painter, but rather a moon-painter – like Uccello – that’s good, it is the pure, final stage of art, the moment when it becomes more real than reality.”
-Arshile Gorky

Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519

Leonardo da Vinci was a Renaissance inventor, scientist and artist He worked for nobility and the Catholic Church as an architect and painter. He was born in Italy but spent many of his working years in France contributing to the pomp and pageantry of the royal court.

“When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

Gustav Klimt 1862-1918

Gustav Klimt was and Austrian artist and art activist. His artistic life commented on the political upheavals of the Second World War, which was responsible for the loss of some of his earlier works. His Golden Phase, from which we at Cheval Dance Wear are using his art, are from the prewar era, when Klimt was living a simple, almost cloistered life, only working on his painting and enjoying his family and Japanese art library. 

“Whoever wants to know something about me – as an artist which alone is significant – they should look attentively at my pictures and there seek to recognize what I am and what I want. “

Vincent van Gogh 1853 -1890

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter who’s art has inspired generations of painters. His unconventional methods included visible brush strokes instead of careful blending, and in some cases, leaving open white spaces on the canvass. His life was tumultuous and tragically ended early, but his legacy continues to be studied and celebrated today.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. ”

Jackie Hughes 1990-

Come back soon for Jackie’s Biography Find more of Jackie’s’ art here:


Sarah Richards 1987-

Sarah is a Utah arts educator. She teaches music and ballet in the Salt Lake Valley. She has always enjoyed drawing and painting. Sarah is excited to offer some of her work to Cheval Dance Wear customers.

“Make no small plans.”

Laura Wissler 1984-

Laura Sesto is a medical illustrator in Salt Lake City. She received her Masters in Art from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas in Biomedical communication and Bachelor of Art in Art from Valdosta State University. She is an artist at Poor Yorick Studios and participates in their Open Studio show twice a year. She has exhibited her work in Georgia, Texas, and locally.
You can find Laura here:  

“I love to paint light and shadow, studying the subtleties, playing with hard and soft lines, and using contrasting textures and values to show competing emotions.”

Audrey Lund 1997-

Audrey Lund is a native Utah artist who has loved creating art from a very young age. She won First Place and Best of Show at the 2011 Salt Lake City School District Secondary Art Show, and has received other awards as well. She studies as a full time musician, but minors in art technology. Find Audrey here:


And here:


Elizabeth A. Jensen 1987-

Elizabeth is a dancer, musician, composer, artist, mom and photographer. She also teaches dance and loves to sew her own beautiful skirts and dresses. She plays the clarinet, guitar,piano and accordion and has written music for all of these instruments. Elizabeth is truly a Renaissance Woman! Her photography is thoughtful and often stunning. She has a gift for capturing the simple beauty of nature. We have several of her photos in reserve. You can order her Sun Flower photo from any leotard product page.


Constanza Murphy

Constanza trained at North Star Ballet in Fairbanks, Alaska and received her BFA in Ballet Performance from the University of Utah. Since graduating, she has worked as a freelance dancer in several classical, contemporary and modern companies across the states, including Oakland Ballet, Ballet San Antonio, and Missouri Contemporary Ballet. She is currently a soloist with Bay Pointe Ballet in San Francisco. Constanza lives with her husband in Salt Lake City where she enjoys hiking with her dogs.

Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy trained at the Redding Dance Centre in Redding, California, and is currently a ballet major at the University of Utah where she performs regularly with student groups and in community ballet and dance companies.

Photo Credit Renovatio

Rebecca Richards Christensen

Rebecca Richards Christensen is a dancer and dance teacher in Salt Lake City. She has recently done staging work for Salt Lake City Ballet. She is also a Nutritional Science major at the University of Utah.

Photo Credit Sterling Todiasson

Heidi Cowan

Heidi Cowan is a dancer in Salt Lake City. She began dancing only a few years ago but has worked very hard and recently performed in her first corps de ballet role en pointe. Heidi also works with elementary age children in after school programs.

Photo Credit Laura Sesto

Christina Bargelt

Christina Bargelt trained at the Colorado Academy and is currently a Salt Lake City model and dancer. She is studying ballet at the University of Utah. Christina also writes for HerCampus.com and is an active member of ASUU, the University’s Student advocacy group.

Photo Credit Bri Bergman

Elizabeth A. Jensen

Elizabeth is also one of our Dancewear models! Here she is modeling our Terpsichore Zip Front Leotard featuring her photo “Sun Flower.” Her ballet technique and teaching experience have made her easy to collaborate with for modeling and dancewear design. Photo credit; Tony Thackeray.

Are you a dancer in the Salt Lake area? Would you like to model for us? Please contact us at info@chevaldancewear.com or call 801-386-268 for a photo shoot and a discount on the Cheval leotard of your choice.

Tailors & Seamstresses

Autumn Edwards

Autumn is a Salt Lake City seamstress and costume mistress, She has created large scale work including full ballet company production pieces, requiring more that 100 newly made or reinvented costumes in a single season.  Find Autumn here:
801 485 0387
824 East Claybourne Ave. Salt Lake Coty

Eugene Tachinni

Biography and contact information coming soon.

Alisa Woicocki

Biography and contact information coming soon.