I did a book review on YouTube of these books:

Once a Dancer by Allegra Kent

Dancing on My Grave and The Shape of Love by Gelsey Kirkland and Greg Lawrence

Leap Year, a memoir by Christopher D’Amboise

Balanchine by Bernard Taper

I mention I Was a Dancer by Jacques D’Amboise, and you can read my review of that book in this blog post.

I also mention Holding Onto the Air by Suzanne Farrel.


You can watch my video here.

The first books I read on ballet were by Balanchine ballerinas, or they were about NYC ballet. That is how limited my small town library was. There were some picture books of ballet too, but those tell the stories, not the history of the dancers, schools, steps, choreographers, schools, and divergence of dance philosophy.

I have huge gaps in my education, both in my ballet technique, and in my understanding of history. So this series of book reviews is largely my trying to fill the holes.

I have also been review some ballet fiction. Here are my other reviews:

Soon I’ll be diving into a very large handful of ballet method books from various disciplines. That will be a fun ride.