I have been going to a particular studio here in Salt Lake for ten years. When I first found them, they were pretty close to where I was living so I could bike, (I hate driving in the city) and not pay for public transit. The one open adult class I was interested in was at a convenient time.

About three years later, they moved a little further away, about two miles. And they weren’t really in a  place I could bike to easily, though I did many times. About four years after that, they moved “way the heck out there!” and though I have biked out there a few times, it was just too much of a time drain, and there are enough hills that my quads won’t stop activating once I get into class. So now I drive (which I hate doing) or take a bus.

Any who, this studio did a lot of thing right to keep me as a client despite moving twice, each time further from where I was living. I hope the tips below help you if you are considering moving or have been forced to through circumstances.

Guest Post:

Moving your dance studio to a new location brings many challenges and a lot of work. Bearing in mind all the benefits your business will have from relocation can help you overcome the stress along the way and ease the transition, so you can continue with dancing again in no time. If you’re moving to a larger space – it will inevitably support your growth. Maybe you are moving to a better location – you’ll be more visible, and you can reach new areas of potential dancers. Perhaps you are downsizing to save money? Whichever the case may be, follow our tips to help the relocation of your studio go smoothly.
Ensure you have a budget plan and enough time
First of all, you’ll need to set a relocation budget and give yourself enough time to make plans and move successfully. Include these tasks in the budget:
⦁ Utilities
⦁ Maintenance
⦁ Insurance
⦁ Moving costs
⦁ Repairs
⦁ Renovation and decoration costs
You may need more than two months for the whole preparation process. How much time exactly is required for a successful move will depend on many factors. To save time, choose more moving services and rely on professional movers help along the way.
Negotiate the terms of your lease
You don’t need to be a real estate expert to negotiate the terms of your lease when moving your dance studio to the new location. Just be fair, straight, and confident when discussing your rent. If you establish yourself as a valuable and reliable tenant, you may even receive tenants’ concessions and tenant allowances.
Announce the news
The crucial thing to do is to announce your dance studio’s relocation on your website as soon as you know it’s definite. Add a Google map to your announcement and add a link from which people can quickly get directions to the new studio space. Also, add a photo of the new studio property. You may choose to add additional photos, such as people painting the studio or something similar. If you are replacing the floors and installing big mirrors to transform the space into a dance studio, be sure to update people about these renovations. Save a few “before and after” photos of the venue. These things can keep people informed and also excited about a change.
Online updates
Remember to update your address in online listings such as Google My Business. It is implied that you must do it as soon as you move, so your new address can show on maps and also on browser search when people are looking for a dance studio in their area. Make the address change on all websites that your studio shows up.
Social media posts
Inform people through social media about the new location. Announce relocation information on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Post updates about how things are going. If you are doing some decorating, make a few posts about the progress. Give your thanks to people who are helping and tell everybody how awesome everything looks.
Use social media apps as an opportunity to point out the success of your dance studio. You can say that you’ve outgrown the capacity of your current studio space and that you are expanding. You can point out that you’re making a move because of the better location, larger parking lot near the studio, etc. Whichever the real reasons for your dance studio relocation may be, you need to put a positive spin on the event and make the most out of it.
You know that becoming a professional dancer demands a lot of time, effort, and continuity. The formula is the same if you want to run your business successfully. Stay in touch with your students; be there for them and grow together.
Update your address “offline”
Reprint your brochures, as well as all marketing materials, and put your new address on them. Freshen up your promo materials. You can even reshape your logo, make new graphics, etc. It will demand some financial investment, but it can boost your visibility again – which is exactly what you need.
Show enthusiasm when moving your dance studio
Mention the move to all the people it concerns, as soon as you know the details. Mention it often and discuss the advantages of your new space with them. Your students must be a crucial part of the transition, and they must be informed on time. Keeping your dancers and their parents in the loop will keep them happy. Show and share your enthusiasm with them.
Promotion package, special discounts
Pass out flyers in the new neighborhood. Mention that you are celebrating a new location and giving a special offer or a discount to any new dancers who join before the decided date. Flyers are a great way to introduce yourself and your business without seeming too pushy. Give a gift or a bonus for all current dancers who are making a move with you. Even if the gift is something small, you need to let them know that you are thinking of them and that you appreciate them as they appreciate you. Surprise them with some special offers – from time to time. Allow your classes to be creative and fun, and celebrate the new beginning in the new studio in a unique manner.

Moving preparations
The first and main advice when relocating would be to start packing as early as you can. If you wait for the last few days until the deadline, you will be time-pressed and nervous. Make a packing checklist and calendar; that way, you’ll be sure not to forget anything. Get adequate packing supplies on time. Pack carefully and efficiently to protect your dance equipment (which is usually fragile) during transport and keep it safe and intact. Make a moving plan, a moving inventory, reminders, and to-do lists – it will mean a great deal to stay focused and organized during the whole moving process. With the right help and proper preparation, you can complete the process without negative effects on your business functioning and avoid many problems that could occur when moving your dance studio to another place. You need to focus on your business and not let it suffer due to a change in the studio’s location.

If you follow these tips, everything should go according to your plan for moving your dance studio. Also, with proper planning and good preparation, there is little possibility of something going wrong. Your business routine can be back in no time, in its regular tracks, or even much better. Good luck with new dance exercise routines – in your new studio!

Author bio:

Amelia Johnson has been a passionate dancer ever since her early childhood and is now a proud owner of two dance studios. Having gone through a studio relocation recently, she wanted to share her experience. Amelia writes blogs about her experiences and advises people on overcoming different obstacles on the way to success.