I submitted this piece to a call for art from the Center for Latter-Day Saint Art.

Its called Eleventh Hour

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
I learned about The Center last fall and I would love to be an active community member, even though I am not in New York.
I was pleased to see they already have several active dancers and choreographers.
I really think my religion needs people who openly and passionate celebrate the human body. We’ve been afraid of the body, especially in art, for too long.
I am a dancer and a teacher. I am only a choreographer when my teaching demands it; I don’t do anything revolutionary. You can see from my YouTube videos that I come close to taking pride in how bad my camera work is.

It is no wonder that this piece was not chosen to be shared by The Center, but I had fun making it. I thought a ot about my subject, and about what it would really take to make something worthy to share on thier platform.

But I ahve my little platform here, so please enjoy my (non grant winning, low budget) submission:



Submission to: Art for Uncertain Times Center for Latter-Day Saint Arts Spring 2020

Eleventh Hour is an internal exploration of the contemplation of the Savior’s Second Coming and the Signs of the Times. There is incredible joy and profound peace in anticipating the personal first meeting with the Savoir, but there is also fear of wars, rumors of wars, and gnashing of the earth, and our own guilt. “…the spirits of all men, whether they be good or evil, are taken home to the God who gave them life.” Alma 40:11

What will it be like to be enfolded in His arms and feel His perfect, eternal love? What will it be like to behold our own sins and imperfections? Will there be pain as exquisite as our joy? (Alma 36:21) Contemplation of the word’s ills and the of Supreme Healer bring on emotions that range from deep despair and crippling anxiety to all encompassing peace.

Experiencing these extremes prepares us for that first meeting at the end of days, and for the responsibilities we will face when the Veil is removed.

Created in the Spring of 2020, in the midst of the COVID 18 lock down, Eleventh Hour has a shoe string budget and a crew of two. My own feelings about the pandemic and the attending ills in society are reflected in the low budget look and feel of this piece.

Thank you for watching. God be with you.