This post is being written during the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic. Many dancers are practicing, studying, teaching, and rehearsing in their homes or in sparsely occupied studios. We have been asked, and in many areas required, to keep public meetings to 10 people or less.
About a week before all this started, I was contacted by Stacey Nemour of the Stacey Stretch brand. She asked if Cheval Dancewear would like to be a distributor of her stretch aid products and online courses. This sounded like a fun and useful collaboration, especially during this time of social isolation. Her stretch strap and shoulder trainer are easy to transport and use. Her online lessons can be used in small spaces, like kitchens and family rooms. Our training doesn’t have to stop.
I myself am still working on my flexibility, and her products have a very high return on investment. I can’t wait to share my progress with you here and on Cheval Dancewear’s other media platforms.
Stacey has worked with athletes and artists all over the world, from gymnasts and ballet dancers to circus performers. If she can help them get to the next level of their craft, she can help this old lady improve her arabesque.
I’m excited to share this product line with you and I’m VERY excited to improve my own flexibility! Will I finally be able to achieve and maintain a 90 degree arabesque as I progress through my thirties?
Here is some of Stacey’s wisdom after years of flexibility coaching:

After I released one of my best sellers Secrets of Splits & Flexibility, daily emails started coming in from all over the world with questions asking how one can become flexible enough to get flat into the splits.

Here are some important tips that I share with my clients, course members and viewers that can help improve flexibility:

1. Stretches should be done in the proper sequence. Honor the body by stretching it gently. The more time you take to stretch increases your ability to go deeper into the splits. Start with the easier ones and save the intense positions for last.

2. Just concentrating on the hamstrings is not enough. Since everything is connected it makes a big difference to stretch the upper body first then quadriceps, groin, inner thighs, outer hips, calves, waist, hamstrings and back muscles.

2. Consistency. Just like you set up a training schedule for dance class to keep improving the same needs to be done with flexibility training. If you go to a new place with your flexibility, this is your body’s new set point. Or if you used to be flexible, the good news is your body has muscle memory and you can get it back. When you make this a regular part of your routine, pain & injuries decrease and you can finally enjoy performing without the same old limitatations.

3. Never bounce. Bouncing is an old outdated method that can lead to pulled muscles and injury. Breathe instead of force. Gently sink into the stretch on the exhale.

4. Visualization. If you can see it, you can be it. The mind controls the body.

5. Tiring out the muscles. Resistance training helps the muscle release when one inhales deeply and exhales into the stretch.

6. Age does not matter (only if you think it does). Anyone can increase flexibility at any age.

7. Sleep. I can’t stress the importance of this enough! The body recovers, heals and processes while we sleep. It is important to give your body and mind the gift of rest and rejuvenation. Take at least 1 rest day a week so the body can repair and store up energy.

8. Stretch the calf muscles first, with a flexed foot. Not only will this help you improve your toe point, also help get into the hamstrings and up into the back. Using both pointed and then a flexed foot while stretching works different muscles and brings a more even balance to your stretching session.

9. Supplements, hydrotherapy and massage can be helpful. Always listen to your body’s inner guidance system.

Stacey created her online streaming flexibility makeover master class series to show the exact perfect stretching sequence, right use of breath & how to tap into a powerful mindset to go beyond previous stuck plateaus & unleash the highest potential for everyone. It is easy set up your own flexibility training space in your own home. All you need is a Stacey Stretch Strap , couple of yoga blocks & some clear wall space. Login to the courses designed to deliver results every time you press play.

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Yes, we do get a commission for promotion, but the purpose of Cheval Dancewear has been to sell high quality custom dancewear in order to fund my ballet addiction and to create pointe shoe scholarships for young dancers in Salt Lake City.