Time to fast again! I m writing this on the 25th of this month. My longest fasting streak was five days. That might be the longest I get. As I write I’m feeling head achy and tired. Not that this is an excuse to go eat, but it certainly doesn’t help my motivation. I broke a second 48 hour fast yesterday and am currently at 18 hours. That is my absolute minimum fasting window.
I am at close to the “clearing out” part of my cycle. A few days of fasting completely eliminate all physical discomfort during this time, but I still tend to get into a mental and emotional funk. I lose interest in things and fall behind on tasks that seemed so important and engaging just ten days ago. i wish I could figure this out.
I’ve been thinking back to my first extended fasts. They seem from here to have been so easy. I had consistent work every day, physically easy and pretty much zero stress. I was also reading a lot about fasting online, especially other people’s experiences with long fasts. As a new extended faster my zeal and excitement were high. Now I feel like a long time convert, sticking to the principals but not always so all fired motivated.
This could just be my impending menstruation talking though.

Here is the video for September Fast.

As you’ll see, life carries on. Living a fasting focused life style doesn’t have to slow you down. In fact, I believe that adding fasting has helped me keep going during the times I don’t feel motivated in other parts of my life, even it it means I wait till my counter says at least 18 hours of fasting have gone by.
Seven years into intermittent fasting and three years into doing longer fasts I am still trying to figure it out for myself, but I know every hour of fasting is an hour of good for my health.