Dancer at Skye Ballet Center

I feel the smooth ribbon rub against my fingertips as I tuck them against my ankles. I stand, rising up on pointe and rocking back and forth on my feet, testing each shoe. Standing on the side of the stage, I hear the first couple notes of my music float across the room. Taking a deep breath, I close my eyes and then walk out onto the stage, my head held high. I feel a rush of adrenaline as my vision is blinded by the bright stage lights. Wafting delicately to the center of the stage, I begin my variation. A familiar feeling spreads through my body as I dance; the inexplicable jubilance of performing and doing something you love. For me, this source of rapture is ballet. It is a way to express my feelings, a way to de-stress, and a way of life. I dance 6 days a week, for 12 hours of class per week (and sometimes with up to 9 hours of rehearsal per day), trying my best to refine my skills and technique. I’ve missed parties, school dances, and Homecomings to rehearse. Throughout the 12 years that I have taken ballet, this sense of passion and perseverance has not changed. I dance to spread this sense of joy that I get through this art form.

I think that art is a huge part of all sorts of culture and greatly impacts the lifestyle of individuals across the world. It brings a sense of unity and fellowship because it is something that breaks the wide language barriers that exist today. You don’t need words to appreciate a beautiful work of art, a melodious tune, or a choreographic masterpiece. There is a quote that I have heard several times that applies to this principle. “When words fail, music speaks.” However, this quote doesn’t have to be solely about music, it can also relate to dance or art. I think that it is important to develop the skills associated with the arts and these opportunities should be available to people all over the world. If a school was considering cutting an art, music, or dance class I would strongly fight against the removal of the course. Art should be accessible to any student that wants to learn about it.

I dance because of the indescribable feeling it gives me. It is a constant adventure for me to dance because it is never the same. Ballet is never finished, and there are always a thousand ways to improve yourself. When I perform, I never know how it will end or what the result of my efforts will be; I simply try my best to carry out what I have practiced countless times and spread the feeling of dance through my artistry and presentation. I especially enjoy performing because it gives me the opportunity to show other people how hard I have worked to improve my talents. Through this art, I can touch the hearts of others and inspire.

Dance has had a profound impact on my life in many ways. However, I have grown as a person and dancer throughout the many years I have spent learning and practicing this art form. Now, as I continue to work towards my dream of dancing professionally, I will attempt to spread not only the technique of ballet but the emotion and artistry that is so crucial. I can take the strength and perseverance that I’ve learned through my practice with me throughout all aspects of my daily life.