Recently Kirsten of Twin Talks Ballet, a very successful ballet focused YouTube channel, created a video where she said she had begun to regret using New Age and all inclusive language in her videos. For example, she said she would use the phrase “God or what ever you believe in” when talking about mindset and lifestyle design. In her latest videos she has apologized for this and declared her strong Christian belief. Her channel will still be focused on nurturing ballet dancers in and outside the studio and theater, but she felt she had to return to Christ centered language when talking about the inner life, or the spiritual life.

I wanted to make this post to show my support for this kind of authenticity. This is REAL. She doesn’t care how many followers she might lose by declaring her faith. And that’s OK. You can still go to her for top notch ballet advice and insight, even if you don’t agree. But what you are going to get is the Whole Kirsten. A real person who won’t water down her beliefs, spiritual or otherwise.

This makes me trust her even more. Even if we have some theological differences (I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, she is a non denominational Christian) I TRUST her to say what she knows is right on any subject, from sewing pointe shoes to choosing a side hustle while creating a dance career, to listening to my gut and using prayer to find new meaning in life.

I too have tried to walk that line between declaring my belief and trying to be inclusive. For example, I pray regularly, but for you maybe it makes more sense to meditate. We are both doing what is right for ourselves and we can still learn from each other and collaborate. But we will have the most success if we are our real selves.

I made a video about supporting Kirsten and others like her. Watch it here. 


Kirsten’s first video of reaffirming faith.

Kirsten’s first video of reaffirming faith.

Some great advice for dancers.