I think at some point every recreational blogger makes an insomnia post.
I really hope this is the last one I ever make….
I think I’m awake at 4 AM for two reasons: I’ve been eating pretty low carb 80% of the time, and this evening I had both pizza and chocolate. My tummy feels pretty weird. And I might actually be experiencing some buzz from the little caffeine in the chocolate.
The other reason is that I just opened up the Cheval Dancewear Pointe Shoe Scholarship for application. I’m excited to start receiving essays, though it was VERY hard last year, thinking and figuring and praying about who to give it to. We were so lucky last year to be able to award a young dancer who has since proven to be a remarkable, smart, kind, talented, hard working young woman. I know I’ve said this in several posts already, but I get to see last year’s scholarship winner several times a week in class and she is consistently diligent and thoughtful. She deserved those free pointe shoes! So this year I really hope my reading committee and I can make another stellar choice.
There are a million things going through my head, so I’m going to share a bunch of them with you.
The first one is a small idea that ballooned unbelievably while I tossed and turned early this evening. I have wanted to create some kind of Christmas dance performance for my local church Christmas celebration for several years. In my head I composed the email I would send my bishop, outlining how I would get started with inviting all movers of any age and ability, would not need any funding, and only require minimal access to our meeting house. I would make sure our costuming, music, and movement were all “church appropriate.” I would eventually build my own barres and store them under the stage and someday convert one of the classrooms into a small studio. I had us bringing the house down this coming Christmas with a small group number, a solo from me, and a touching finale celebrating the birth of Christ. In my head I chose music, designed easy cheap-as-free costumes, and choreographed all three numbers for the various ability levels. This got me to 1:00 AM.
Then, as waking dreams do, this one took off. Our little dance ensemble would be invited to perform at larger and larger church gatherings until 20 or so years down the road, we would be a fixture on the famous LDS Temple Square, with our own rehearsal space and regular appearances for church promotional and worship functions. I would choreograph and compose music for original ballets based on Bible stories, Book of Mormon stories, and early LDS Church histories. I made history between 1:30 and 2 AM this morning.
Next I began thinking about my business and how I’ve had “Coming Soon!” on a couple of items for several months now. I think I figured out how to get started on one of them, and I’ve started designing another. Both of these ideas are solid in my head for now. I’m writing this to you to make sure I don’t forget as I struggle through my up coming day on literally zero sleep.
One of the items I’ve been trying to get going is the Kimono skirt. I wanted to make ballet skirts with the intense color and detail of Japanese kimono with images that look like sumi-e ink art with delicate lines and colors. I’ve struggled with how I’ll get these images on my skirt template so they can be printed and sewn. I decided to use the same method I used for creating this collection of whimsical portraits:

These are the “Long Ladies.” I spent about a year drawing and coloring twenty or so of them, all different and all done in ink and crayon. (They are for sale, all proceeds go to the pointe shoe scholarship).
So I think I’ll do something similar in creating the Kimono Skirts, along with using visual aids of actual kimono. I finally feel like I have a way to go forward on this project.
But I’m out of art pens, so I started creating a shopping list which includes art supplies, fabric for more sewing, and cucumbers, because I love cucumbers. Tomorrow is Sunday though so I’ll have to wait a day. Oh, I also need some small decorative stones for my old Mancala board because I lost my old ones and that is one of my favorite games…
Another product idea that I’ve had but not really even made notes about this: Landscape leos. I have several photos of beautiful landscapes and other dramatic scenes that I don’t think will work well simply as backs to my current line of dancewear. So I want to print them onto the solid fabric that will be on the front and back of the dancer’s body. Here is one of the photos I can’t wait to use. It was taken by a dear friend of mine from high school:

I’d print this image so that the bottom 3/4 of the leotard was colored and the top faded into white. The over all design of these leotards would be very simple so that image would be the main focus.
Hmmmm, a simple leotard.
Simple enough that I could do the sewing? I still need a lot of practice on my serger…but If I could do it, I can keep more of the income from the sale and help the business grow faster.
Add “easy swim suit pattern” to the shopping list. And “mangoes,” because its only 3:30 and I’m getting hungry.
I know why this kind of crazy brain stuff happens. Its called “second winding” at our house. The body actually uses a lot of energy while it sleeps to repair the body and organize the brain. My body is trying to do that. I biked about 10 miles today, took a ballet class, and taught a ballet class, and got a little sunburned. My body really needed to sleep….but since I missed falling asleep thanks to carbs and caffeine, my brain is working over time to use up all this energy. I’m going to feel terrible in about four hours, and from past experience I know its going to take me about three days to recover from this.
This this is a high cost post. I hope you enjoy it a little bit.
I also have a potential new manufacturer for my leotards. They just emailed me today saying their sample should be arriving in a few days. If I like them and they are priced competitively with my current tailor, I already have a few orders I’d like them to fill. While thinking about that I remembered I have a few more items I’d like patterned, especially for men’s dancewear. I only have a men’s shirt right now, but I’d like to have a few varieties of men’s leotard, shorts, and another shirt in a different style. I started numbering each one and thinking about how I’d draw and measure them for my sewing shops and wondering how soon I’d be able to afford getting that work done.
This led to some math. I didn’t like math much in school, but I think that’s because I wasn’t making money then. Now that I have an income and strong ideas about what I want to do with it, I love certain kinds of math. Like this: I make X dollars a month, but I has two days off this month. On the other hand, I have four extra hours of work with my other employer, so I’ll have X amount coming in. But I just paid for all my dance classes for the summer, so I owe this much on my credit card….it costs me this much to have a leotard made, so can I hand out 15% off coupons at my pop up store?
I’ll need to sell X more leotards in order to afford this advertising project. Should I revisit the idea of selling uniforms and costuming?
Now that I’m at my computer and have the whole internet before me, I can look things up as they occur to my crazy skipping brain. I did some research on how Yumiko Takeshima started her leotard business, how it grew, and how she got into costuming as well. Read about it here
She too had to figure out the sewing from the very beginning. There is hope for me.
I’ve also been looking at videos on making circle skirts and mistakes to avoid when sewing a swimsuit/leotard. But I have to keep the sound. off. My wonderful husband spent 10 hours on our front lawn today, converting it into a planter box garden with beautiful hand made boxes, stepping stones, and a Thick spread of pretty black mulch. I wish I could have fallen asleep as easily as he did.

Our brown-gold kitty Myra is very upset that I’m not in bed. She usually snuggles up firmly between my legs and puts up with me tossing a turning some. I call my little knee tuck and scoot as I switch sides the pas de chat de nuit. Ha ha. But right now she is at my elbow, occasionally making the smallest little twitter sound. She really wants me back in bed. I don’t know if she is just uncomfortable without me, or if she is worried that I’m doing something so extremely out side our normal routine. She is definitely making me feel bad about being up at this hour.

I’ve made it to 5;45 AM. I’m thinking of switching on a video game.

But I think I’ll go lie down for the next 90 minutes before its time to get up for East Sunday choir practice. 8 AM rehearsal at the meeting house. Will eating breakfast make this upcoming day better or worse? I do know I’ll have time for a Sunday nap, and hopefully I can actually fall asleep.

Thanks for reading, I hope you see this at a much more reasonable hour than I typed it.