Last year Cheval Dancewear was able to give a $300 scholarship to a wonderful hard working young dancer who attended the 2018 Ballet West Academy Summer Intensive. It was a wonderful experience for the essay reading committee, and for the young dancer, Katherine.
It just happened that Katherine is a student of Ballet West Academy year-round. I did not know this when I sent the top three essays out to the committee. The scholarship is and always will be open to any student from any school who is joining us here in Salt Lake for the summer.
How ever, I, Sarah, owner of CDW, am also a pianist for the academy, and I see Katherine in class from behind the keyboard once or twice a week. I see her try steps over and over again and there is rarely a class where she doesn’t ask the teacher for an extra tip afterward, or when she doesn’t stay another few minutes to work on a step or combination. Katherine is a VERY hard working young woman, and every time she thanks me and her teacher at the end of class with a real smile of appreciation, I am so glad she is the one we were able to help last year.
She even gave me a personal note expressing her gratitude and her love for dance. As hard as it was to choose from so manay wonderful essays, we really did pick a winner in Katherine.
I want to do the same this year. This post is me asking you to support our Second Annual Cheval Dancewear Pointe Shoe Scholarship.
Students must be accepted to any level of the Ballet West Academy 2019 Summer intensive.
The amount and even number of winners depends on how much support we can get from YOU.

Here is what you can do:

1. Purchase any item from our store. The goal of the business is to support dancers in the Salt Lake Area.
2. Purchase an original piece of art, examples below. $30 each, $40 for double mounted pieces. Email Sarah at to purchase
3. Make a direct donation to Cheval Dancewear through Paypal (please message us first so we know why this payment is being made)
4. Donate through our Facebook Fundraising campaign:

The more you help, the more we can give.

You have already done so much by being a part of our support base, thank you thank you, and happy dancing!
Read last year’s scholarship winning essay here:

Why Ballet? 2018 Cheval Pointe Shoe Scholarship Winner Katherine Kaufman