You can Google “cold showers” and get a whole list of websites, from Men’s Health to Medical Daily. Most of them seem to me to say have about the same list of benefits, increased immunity and metabolism, stress and depression relief, and muscle recovery, with a few variations.

Here is my person experience. I’ve been doing a five minute cold shower (I USE A TIMER SO NO CHEATING) for 10 days. I’ve done ice baths and cold showers off and on for the last five years or so, but this time I have made myself do it every day. 

Every day it got easier. At first I spent ten minutes just puttering around the bathroom before getting in. I reorganized the medicine cabinet a few times while I put off the plunge.

Then when I got in I wiggled around trying to be both in the water and not in the water. To distract myself I recited some scriptures I have memorized.

I had a break through about three days ago. I put on a song and stuck my phone in the sink where I could hear it. The three minute song made the full five minutes go by faster. I now have a YouTube playlist called Cold Shower Motivation.

My skin goes bright red and I actually feel warm in my core. Its a wonderful natural high.

Like all the weird stuff I’ve been into lately, I DO suggest you try it. Start with a cool shower, or start by getting in the coldest water and counting to ten. Then to twenty and so on. The mental adjustment happened pretty quickly for me. But I will admit to deciding to trim my nails instead once in a while…

Fresh Snow this week. Making my shower water nice and icy.

I have noticed an ability to also handle stress and tough situations better. Resisting the temptation to break my fast early or extend my eating window is easier since I’ve already done something MUCH harder mentally and physically in the day.

I made a video where I talk about this and some of the things I read online.

I couldn’t find our kitchen thermometer, so I don’t really know how cold our water is, but I would put it between 38 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit. I think even a little warmer than that will give you some great benefits.