Hello all and Merry Christmas! We also wish you joy and rejoicing for whatever family  tradition you have in this season. And most of all, happy dancing and performing. I have two bullet pointes, aimed at increasing your joy and success with dancing and life.

  • Start thinking about New Year’s goals NOW. You don’t have to set anything in stone, but give a few thoughts each day to what you want your new year to look like. Include physical goals, artistry goals, technique goals, self care goals. Write them down and rewrite them until they feel good. Then you can meditate on specifics and improvements for January first. 
  • Include a small written Gratitude List for each day. Write down 2 to 10 things you are glad to have or to have happen. You can download the simple PDF file below to get started. 

You Christmas gift is two FREE music tracks to use in your teaching or self given class. In the spirit of the whole fall season, we are spanning the months, starting with Jack’s Lament from Nightmare Before Christmas and ending with Silver and Gold from the 1980’s Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
Enjoy your winter season and Happy New Year!
Sarah and the Cheval Dancewear team.

Gratitude List!:

Gratitude List

Jack’s Lament, by Danny Elfman

Jack's Lament

Silver and Gold, by Johnny Marks:

Silver and Gold