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Join me for health and celebration. Free and totally up to you how you do it.
I TESTIFY that fasting for any amount of time is the best thing you can do for your health. It will only do good for your body.
Usually pain means detox and withdrawl, as if you were trying to quit smoking. Its not dangerous.
I’ll be making daily videos, longer videos and writing here daily to keep myself accountable and encourage any one who wants to do any kind of fasting this month.

Day One


Thank you for joining me, even if it just watching the videos and thinking harder about your own eating and health habits. Every view or read through is motivation for me to stay accountable.

Day Two

This next video is of day two, but my little dance montage is from the first. Christmas music for ballet class! Today was a good day.
I REALLY wanted to fast this day, but as I explain, my husband had a dinner with people from his new work. He wanted me to go to meet everyone. Normally when I’m so tired on a Saturday I would go home and SLEEP till I felt better and keep fasting. but I couldn’t do that today. I knew I needed to be kind and civil at this dinner, so on the way I bought four cucumbers, two apples, 12 oz. of berries, and I had some cream cheese. At the dinner itself, I had deli meat cuts and cheese from the appetizer and I asked the waiter if I could just have the pork belly from one of the pasta dishes. The kitchen was super great and let me take that order. So I did well with content of food. My eating winow stretched to almost three hours just because I had to eat the cucumbers before, then we drove, then we greeted everyone and waited on our food.
It ended up being a really special evening and I’m glad I could support my husband.

Day Three

Its bothering me that I wasn’t able to start my fast on the first day of the month. But I did 36 hours of dry fasting. One day of dry fasting is equivalent to three days of dry fasting….so….can I have my first day back? What do you think? Can I skip ahead and call today day three? Let me know. If I get just ONE comment telling me I can skip ahead I’ll do it! Also I did a really good job with what I ate on Saturday. That is something I have struggled with, starting my eating window with good things but ending it with ice cream or tortillas with honey, which do not support ketosis.

Day Four

Doing a lighter work out this morning, but still putting myself through the motions. Its so cold here! But I’m finding my tolerance for it is way higher than it has been in years past. Part of it might be my attitude. I am more interested in being hard core and tough than being comfortable. I feel stronger in my brain and my body, and the cold isn’t bothering me, even when its 20 F at noon.
Today is a nice busy day. As long as I come home and go o bed, I’ll have another easy fasting day.
I PROMISE that evey hour you fast is an hour that is good for your health. Every meal and snack you skip is a period of rest for your body to heal and thrive. Of course what you eat is also important, but I have found that a nice long fast, about 48 hours, can make up for several bad food choices.

Day Five

Still feeling light on sleep. We’ll get it under control soon. And I don’t have to go to a grocery store or anything today, just go to work and focus on my music and my ballet students.
Its still REALLY bothering me that my fast isn’t lined up with the day of the month! Can I count my 36 hour dry fast as an extra salt water day? Let me know what you think.
I’m thinking of doing another 36 to 48 hours of fasting over the weekend when I can rest. I would definitely feel then that I could “make up” for eating on the frist day of the month.
Fasting is so powerful. For me, it clears my mind and I can focus on the three or four things in my life that are the most important. When my brain is running on ketones and not glucose, I can make plans to better meet my goals and be more sensitive to my own habits and thoughts.
If you are feeling stuck or blocked in your life somehow, consider a slightly extended fast, something longer than 24 hours. Try not to focus on the physical discomfort, its probably just sugar withdrawl. Instead think about what is frustrating you and imagine life the way you want it to be. When you mind is clear and running on ketones, you’ll be abelt o set goals and plans for accomplishing them will come easily to your mind. This has happened to me so many times!

Day Six

The video is a montage of my day yesterday. Skip to about the last four minutes for the day update.
Fasting does not have to stop your life! Even during prolonged fasting you can run on your FAT, your stored energy, which was stored for just that purpose. I taught ballet classes for five hours while dry fasted, and I’ve had great energy despite not so perfect sleep. I’ll admit I do have schedule where I can often squeeze in a nap, but I wouldn’t die without it.
I have am SO EXCITED for my family who have decided to start fasting at various levels and are learning and making enormous strides in their health and self development. Both of my sisters are getting more comfortable with longer fasts, my brother is rocking an IF schedule and learning about the Keto Diet, and my sister in Law has lost nearly all her weight from two pregnancies and illness, beat her lupus to where its almost gone, and looks ten years younger.
I feel great, energized but calm. THIS is the fasting high. Peace in one’s self and with the world. The important things get lots of attention and the unimportant things are swept aside and don’t cause worry.

Every hour you fast is a huge step toward health and and longer life. Unless you are hit by a bus. Look both ways.

Day 6 Video:

Day Seven

Today’s video is a long rant. You can skip if you want. I’ll basically say the same thing here.
I did 48 hours dry fasted. I also took a ballet class last night and it was a little rough. My stamina was short. But my flexibility is amazing right now! I’m ready to now present my weight to the internet:

135 pounds.

Last night before I drank anything I was 134.4. Then I weighed and drank two pounds of water and was 136.5 Yay Math. I do not have to be afraid of the scale. I’m training myself to use it as a tool with out emotion connected to the number and without bafflement over what I see. I’ll be drinking Snake Juice (salt water) and tea as much as I want today. My body will tell me when it is thoroughly re hydrated.
There is a little dance and life montage in there and a short version of my daily workout. I am basically just putting the movement in. I was a little breathy so I didn’t do my full reps, but I’m not just sitting around either. Getting reydrated and getting all my salts back today will make me feel just as energized as if I were not fasting at all.
I have a long rant. A good friend with the most loving of intentions suggested I join a body positivity group on Facebook. Thank you, but no thank you. I have already learned that I am not OK with being fat. I asked myself very seriously in college, if I was a great musician, a nice person, a funny person and a good wife and homemaker, would those things make up for being fat? Could I be OK with being fat if I had all those other good things in my life. The answer was a clear NO.And I’ve been trying to find solutions for my fat and my food addictions ever since. I do not want to judge anyone who has accepted their body in any shape. That is wonderful. I truly wish you a happy fulfilling life of joy and peace. But its not for me. I’m one of those people who has to strive and work for what I want, despite my background and insufficiencies. And I want to be healthy, lean, strong, and have a long life of high energy.
So I will not be joining any Health at Any size or what ever groups. I want ultimate health at any age instead.
Please don’t come hit me with a bus.
Also, if I do more dry fasting I promise not to use it to bump my number ahead again. I just want the numbers to line up so I feel motivated.
Here is today’s video.

Day Eight

I am updating this from my phone so there will be more mistakes than usual.
Long day today, but despite weird sleep (typical on a fast) I feel energized, almost buzzed, and ready to go.
My sister in law who has been working so hard at fasting has her concert today. She looks amazing. Last night we talked about how hard but also easy fastig is. She tried so hard to fast yesterday but stress and fatigue got to get. She was smart and ate healthy stuff. She felt 110% better. She said she will eat today because it is harder to sing well in an empty stomach. But she is so motivated and is making such good progress, she’ll be able to fast hard till she meets her goal.
Then, we plan to keep each other accountable! That is an element I was definitely missing last year at the end of all my summer fasting. Someone to make me get in the scale and account for what I’d rated and ask if I was doing the right things to maintain.
I’m so excited to have a buddy.
Here is today’s video, nice and short.

Day Nine

I want to mention that despite my rant earlier about refusing to be fat, 1. I am not going to judge or despise anyone who chooses to accept their weight, no matter what it is, and move on with life. You do you, I’ll do me. 2. I’m happy to help if you want to reach out. I can encourage you and send you to resources and people who are smarter and more experienced than me.

I had a very good friend whom I admire a lot tell me that this whole fasting project is amazing and wish me good luck. That was so gratifying. She is older than me and has three children and a wonderful, varied career as a dancer, singer, actress and teacher. She is so well respected in our dance community in Salt Lake, so her encouragement was very powerful. 

I feel it was a hug win for both me and my sister in law for her to fit that lovely concert dress for her performance yesterday. She has been working so hard! She had despaired of ever fitting it again. She is so lovely as you’ll see in the video.

I had an eating dream! Those are the worst. I was eating some beautiful mint brownies my mom used to make all the time.  Two of my nieces came in the room started beggin em for some but I knew their moms would be upset. Then my third oldest brother cam in and demanded why I was eating, because I’d said I was fasting, and why was I eating junk, because we have been trying to be keto together. It was horrible! I was glad to wake up with my tummy still feeling small and tight. I’m really getting to love that feeling for the power it represents. 

Here is a longer video showing all my adventures yesterday. Skip to the last five minutes or so for the update on Day Nine. 

Day Ten

Sleep and fasting go together! I did not get the best sleep, partly because of fasting…..but naps have been saving me. 

Despite being sick this last week, my husband has been a very positive guy. I think part of it is that we have been doing better getting to bed on time and he is motivated because of  his early wake up time. I am definitely enjoying it too.

My body is beginning to move more slowly, I have to take my work outs a little easy, and I get out of breath jumping in ballet class. But I know I’m burning fat. i can finally see it in my neck and upper arms.  The last place will be my big wobbly thighs. Then I can start to look like a dancer and fit those jeans my little sister wore in high school. 

Yes, I’m obsessed with how my body looks. But when it is strong and lean, I feel good. I too feel more positive these days because I know my body looks good and it feels good. When you go out and meet someone you know, do you feel more comfortable in ragged sweats and flip flops or clean jeans and good shoes? My body is the same way. I have to wear it day after day and I want to be comfortable in it. 

Especially for ballet, it has been easier to jump higher this week. I have less junk to heave in the air and my muscles can work  with my bones and each other instead of against my fat. 

Here is the Day Ten video:

Day Eleven

In some ways I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by! It’s been only a little more than a week. Fasting can make time really slow down, but looking back its kind of weird. If I were not fasting I’d feel like the month has still only gotten started.  But with fasting and the things I’ve been able to accomplish internally and externally, I feel like December is almost over! Its nice to feel I have more time. I have always been the kind of person who seems to never have enough time. I arrive for things just as they start or a minute after and I feel stressed to finish small projects that I didn’t start soon enough. That still happens, but I stress about it less while fasting and I move more intentionally. 

I found myself really appreciating music yesterday. I work with music, I study it, and I teach it. I have often gone for days without really listening and enjoying it. But yesterday, from classical music on the radio and in ballet class to Christmas music that I used both to accompany and teach ballet class to a few Queen tunes I listened to before bed, I was really appreciating how beautiful the sounds were. Maybe I can thank fasting for that, maybe not. 

How many holiday parties have you been to so far? I’ve put off two and been to one dinner where I fasted. Did you think about your option to not ea something? Or to not eat at all? I know food equals love and bonding, but you can love and bond without it too. That is something I would love for the people around me to understand. 

What ever your goals, happy FASTING and happy FEASTING.

Day Eleven video:

Day Twelve 

Two more days till I reach a two week fast again! Its so exciting. the time has both flown by and draaaaaaged. So we’ll see how I feel the rest of this day. I have dress rehearsal for the Nutcracker show I’m in. I’m a snowflake! I don’t do a lot of dancing this show, just the one piece, and the choreography is split in groups so I don’t get very out of breath. All that means is I think i’ll be able to keep fasting and still dance full out.

I’m not doing any more dry fasting right now. I’m drinking salt water, tea (for warmth and I like the clean peppermint taste because my fasting breath is gross) and ll the plain water I feel like drinking. 

I got much better sleep last night, which will make fasting today much easier. I might still squeeze in my afternoon snooze, but we’ll see if I need it. 

I woke up with all this music racing through my head. Christmas music, church music, the material I’ve been practicing for work, songs I’ve had playing while I do stuff at my laptop, it was a little crazy. My brain must be trying to organize everything I’ve heard for the last week. I feel like it is searching hard for things to do since I don’t have any digestion going on. I don’t really know, that’s just a guess. 

Here is today’s video, nice and short. Do you want another long video, either me talking about fasting or more dance/music montage?

Day Thirteen 

This is one of those days when it feels like this fast has gone by so…..fast. I have been feeling really good in the mornings, but getting preoccupied with food thoughts in the evenings. I’m already planning how I’ll prepare to break and what I’ll eat and I can feel the future already getting out of hand. SO I have been actively trying to refocus on goals for my dancing and my business. Last night I did a lot of reading while sitting in a nice hot bath and I watched ten versions of a ballet variation I’d like to start working on. That helped my brain refocus so I wasn’t going to sleep dreaming about food.

Our Nutcracker rehearsal last night went well. Despite being so far fasted, I got more out of breath walking up the hill with my long legged husband than I did running on and off stage. So I know that if I decide to fast through this weekend, performing won’t be a problem. I was even able to practice some turns while we waited to go onstage and that didn’t tire me out much either. My body is using the fuel it has stored. 

Happy fasting for meeting your goals, happy feasting as you celebrate with family and friends!

Day Fourteen!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow you guys! Two weeks of fasting! I’ve only ever been in this territory one time before. In some ways it has been a little harder this time around. But I’m so glad I have my snake juice/salt water. I was feeling really down yesterday and honestly thinking I’d have to break soon. Then I checked my salt intake. Yup, don’t forget that. I felt good the rest of the day, and I feel great right now. 

This fast has made me super motivated to get things done in the morning. I have frequently struggled to get up and get through my workout, reading, meditation and music practicing consistently.  EVERY DAY OF THIS FAST I HAVE DONE ALL OF THOSE THINGS! Partly its not needing to prepare food (except throwing eggs in the pan for my husband) and the focus that comes from ketones. I have kept a chart of all the things I want to get done  in the morning and it is solid check off marks for the month of December. Another week and according to the theory that it take 21 days to form a habit, I’ll be solid on reaching some other goals, just because I’ve been able to get up and work on each one a little each day.  FASTING IS POWER.

I’m thinking of doing another long video either Saturday or Sunday. More dance montage and maybe exploring my most frequented grocery store. I’ll try to keep it short and interesting. 

Shout out to AERIN! she got up the guts to post on the Snake Diet Motivation page! She has already lost a boat load of weight and is so close to her goal, it is amazing! She has been a huge motivator for me this fast. Thank you SOOO much Aerin!

Here is today’s video:


We are in all new territory guys! I’ve never been this far before! Feels a lo like yesterday to be honest, except I’m sure I’ll need another nap. My sister in law and I were talking about sleep on a fast. It can be rough. Sometimes the energy flow gets sporadic. I’d love to get up in the middle of the night to do stuff when I pop awake, but right now its COLD in Salt Lake and I have to let me husband sleep. But I am lucky I can usually sneak a nap in. Sometimes it is as short as 20 minutes but I usually feel great for the rest for the day after. 

We have a matinee and evening Nutcracker tonight. I’m skipping out on a party the Snowflake Waltz ladies are having between shows. I think I’ll take my nap during that time. I don’t ant to be tempted to eat because I will be tired, and I have to be super picky about HOW I break this fast. Can’t guarantee the’ll have beef tartar there. Bu I have really enjoyed being with them back stage. 

Speaking of breaking. My hubris is still way up (is that how you use that word?) and I still want to try to make it to 21. But I have my salts and my humility ready to go in case it gets to be to much. Next week is a fairly normal week, so I think I have my game plan in place, but we will see.

Here is today’s video:

Day Sixteen!

Our shows went really well yesterday. I love dancing. I did feel breathy, lower energy in my body, but my brain felt wired. So it is kind of weird, I can sit and read, think, and plan, but if I start moving too much or too fast I just get winded more easily. 

Today will be a more laid back day. I’m spending time with Aerin and her family, so no dancing, no biking. We will be walking around, but she has two kids so we won’t be in any rush. And I’m replacing my workout today with some good stretching. 

Fasting is both easy and hard. Once yo decide to do it, you just stick to it. But it comes with challenges, and for me, if I get over tired food thoughts can crowd out everything else. So even though I feel great right now, another nap might be in order later.

Here is the Day Sixteen video. Skip to the last two minutes or so for the day update if you don’t want to see Nutcracker stuff. 

Day Seventeen

I’m still a little in awe of getting this far, but I’m starting to feel the price I am paying too. I say in te video I’m going to my morning ballet class, but as I type this I’m having second thoughts. I want to crawl back into bed.  But my energy is sporadic. I may feel ready to go in another 20 minutes and have a great class. 

My current plan for breaking is this: I’ll fast until the evening of the 21st when I have a family party. I’ll take broth and coconut water to the party so I’ll be consuming a significant amount of calories, but no solids. I have had some broth this fat, but in total less than 300 calories or something. Then the evening of the 22nd I’ll have some raw salmon, beef tartar, and raw eggs and more broth to get things going. The 23rd I have another family party, and I hope to be ready to eat more solids that day and celebrate with everyone. 

That is the plan, but I’m working through how I feel right now and the things I need to do and want to do this week. I do have one more long evening of teaching, but it is our last day of classes before winter break and I wanted to have my girls watch the Royal Ballet’s Sugar Plumb Pas and play some games for fun. Might squeeze some actual ballet in there somewhere…. but I won’t need to work as hard physically. 

Any how, if I DO need to break my fast before then, I’ll make another video and tell you all about it. 

As a heads up, I’ll be taking a break from all my electronics from the 23rd to the 1st, other than to call some family on the phone, so this blog will end with the feast day this coming Sunday, no matter what. 

See, I have to keep planning ahead and visualizing. As my feelings with this fast get more precarious, I need to be abelt to see the future clearly and prepare myself for possible challenges. For example, I wanted to hand out little bags of popcorn to my students (better than giving them sugar) but visualizing handling the popcorn made me a little nervous, so I’m going to see if I can find some pre-popped to share with them. Sounds silly. But I’ve wanted to do 21 days for so long, and this last week of work with so few obligations seems to be the perfect time. 

Thank you all for following this journey. It’s probably going to get a little rough for this last 5 or 6 days. 

Here is today’s video: ( I have no pride in my appearance apparently) 

Day Eighteen

I’m going to think of today as another day 17 however. I’m no going to eat solid food till the evening of the 22nd. I will have liquid calories on the evening of the 21st. That is the plan. 

I relearned yesterday that you sometimes have to actively summon energy while fasting. I felt very lethargic yesterday until it was time for me to go to work. Then, from the magic of simply moving, I was able to get up and do what I needed to. I still felt a little slow, but I can make myself move faster if I need too. I’m learning a lot about the power of the mind from these later fasting days.

I would love to be more familiar with this portion of a fast, but that would mean doing it over again a few times. And even going longer. I don’t know when I’ll have the life circumstances to do that again. Maybe not for a few years. But just like 7 days is now pretty easy because I have done it so many times, I know that two and three weeks can also become easy with practice and preparation.

Here is today’s video:

Day Nineteen

I have SO MUCH ENERGY TODAY! I had an incredible nap yesterday, oddly enough on a couch at work in the middle of the day. Sleeping wile fasting is weird. I can’t get into a good rest here at home in the night time, but in a public building in the middle of the day, sure. 

I had some hunger pains in my stomach this morning. They were exactly the same as if I’d only been fasting for  a few hours. Some tightness and grumbling. No, you do not get progressively more hungry as you fast. It comes in waves, usually related to your ghrelin hormone, just as it does when you are not fasting.

Now I just feel like its a waiting game. I have to wait three more days to eat solid food. It boredom at this point.  Food is interesting. I have enjoyed handling food and preparing it for others for the last few weeks. I miss taking part, not just for the satiation but because food is interesting. 

I think it is supposed to be. We need it to live after all. Just not nearly as much as we think, and we aren’t nearly as invested in quality as we should be. I don’t mean always buying organic and grass fed, though that’s nice. I mean choosing real food over candy and stuff in boxes. Have carrots or an apple instead of a granola bar. 

I also miss working out hard. I’m looking forward to doing big jumps, lots of turns, repetitions of dance exercises, walking long distances, all these things that take me more effort to do right now. I actually miss doing one of my least favorite exercises, my V kicks for jumps and ab work. I’ve been doing them, but I can’t do as many in a row and they are a little weak. Soon I will do tons of them!

Here is today’s video:

Day Twenty

Another high energy day! I got all my shopping done for my fast breaking and the two parties I’m attending this weekend.  I walked a little slowly around the stores, but when I remembered I would walk faster. I also attended a restorative yoga class this morning and felt amazing! No need for a nap yesterday, and probably not today unless I crash for some reason. 

I want to say again, people I know are used to seeing me either fat or normal. Most people know other people who are very slim, lean, and fit. And very healthy. Please my dear friends, don’t get scared or angry on my behalf if I look weird to you as I strive to become PERMANENTLY a slim, fit version of myself. I’m watching my BMI and my over all weight and composition. Yes, I do have some muscle to build back after this fast, but it’s going to take very little time. I feel amazing.

This is only the second time I’ve been able to fast so much and get this slim. Last time I messed up my refeeds and didn’t stay accountable, partly because I didn’t have friends and coaches to be accountable to.  I will probably, in fact very likely, make mistakes again and need to fast more and tweak my eating routine. That’s OK. I WAY more informed and I have a supportive group behind me now, and I can support them too.

If you want to be part of this group, even just for daily fasting or tweaking your own diet, let me know, the more we are the stronger and healthier we will be. 

Today’s video got a little long. Tomorrow’s will be shorter, but I’ll have another longer one for Saturday when I eat solid food for the first time in THREE WEEKS!!!


YOU GUYS IT’S HERE! I GET TO HAVE CALORIES TODAY! They wll be liquid calories, but still, I’m excited. I have a fatty broth, coconut water, some tasty seltzer water flavors, and a nice hot peppermint tea to clean my mouth out at the end. 

That is what I’ll be having at a family party this evening. I can still put stuff in my mouth and talk and bond with everyone. 

Here’s the thing. Technically starting my fast so late on the first has made me OCD here again at the end. So today I’m breaking my 21 day fast with liquids but tomorrow I’ll REALLY be breaking my 21 day fast, at 6;42 (maybe actually 7) EXACTLY 21 days after starting my Vora fasting app the evening of the first. So I get numbers game right for both. Weird, but the numbers, as I’ve said, are a big part of the accountability for me. 

I’ve also had second thoughts on that five day dry fast I was thinking of doing.

I was being stupid. I don’t need to dry fast for healing the way some people do.  I need to DANCE. So in the down time where I thought I’d be sitting on the couch playing video games to take my mind of water, I’ll instead be going to various dance studios where I can have space to myself and working on my dance goals. I have been so good this month at meeting goals with my morning and daily check list. I think I’ve really trained myself well, so I’m going to make a daily dance-work check list and do it every day. I have some things I’ve been needing to just take the time to do, and this break will be perfect. 

Its also time to start putting muscle back on. I don’t think I lost any really for this fast, but I do need a little more in my legs and hips, especially for some of the steps I want to improve this next year. 

I’m doing a longer video for tomorrow, so stay tuned. I am still thinking of taking a break from posting for the rest of the month, but I might want to update here on my dance goals, so we will see. It would be nice to have a few days away from my phone and computer. But this posting has been such a great way to stay on track! And thank you to everyone who has read and commented online or in person!

Here is today’s video:

Day Twenty One: Final Day

Thank you all so much for following me on my journey. I repeat myself some in this video, so listen on double speed.
I’m still learning ho to refeed, what situations and content to choose, how much, when, etc etc. So the end of this fast did not go as planned, but I’m still very proud of everything I was able to make happen this month, from the fasting to to meeting some other goals because of the motivation and energy fro fasting going so well.

My refeed did not go 100% as planned. I ate solid food Saturday night. Mostly good things, vegetables and keto friendly meat and cheese, but some old habits kicked in from being a kid since I was with family, and I ate some bread pudding my little sister had made, justifying it ” because she made it for us!”

Dang it. And beside that, the extra carbs (maybe the coconut water wasn’t such a good idea either?) gave me MAJOR hunger issues today. Not the brief stomach twists I would get while deep in a fast, but these emotional anxiety producing brain freezes. Carbs do that. I am NOT in ketosis and I can REALLY feel the difference. 

I was getting so much done while fasting, my morning routine was solid, my to do list was getting shorter and shorter, I felt so on top of it. Today I felt unmotivated and sluggish. This isn’t bad, digestion is obviously natural and needs to happen, but I miss that high riding feeling. I want to be empty and light and revved up ready to go again. 

But because of the weird hunger, I gave in and ate more today. More broth and veggies, and, unfortunately, some trash that was given as a Christmas gift. Because I wasn’t smart enough to get it out of the house. But I’m fasting now and will fast until our family party tomorrow. And my sister in law and I have plans to eat all keto friendly stuff. We will keep each other accountable while we feast tomorrow on all kinds of keto goodies. 

My older sister’s husband has accepted that his sugar addiction has made him sick and unhappy. It is sad, but also exciting. She as already done tons of research into the keto diet and has tried fasting, so she is ready with all kinds of tools to help him. 

I love my family so much. My religion teaches that families can live together for ever after death. But I want to live with them NOW in this life too and have us all enjoy good health. I’m so glad I have been able to find fasting and low carb to improve my own health and that I’ve finally had the courage to be so public with it. This has led to some members of my family taking interest and perhaps changing their habits, even just a little, so they can live longer and in less pain, and so we can spend more time together. 

I ramble a lot in te video, so please feel free to listen on double speed. I’ll take you along as I explore carnivore in the New Year, and as I pursue some dancing goals I’ve been wanting to work on, but felt like my weight was hindering.