Thank you to everyone who read my October Fast posts. Knowing that people were reading and waiting to see what would happen next kept me accountable. It was very motivational, even on the days where I feel like I failed.

Day One

Here is my Day One video. It is long. I’m only going to do one video a week though.

I have high expectations for this month. I know I’m repeating myself here, bug repeating and focusing on my goals and desires is what helps me succeed. I fail when I lose focus. Sometimes the loss of focus is caused by my body.
I want to get to my goal weight and look good for my small part in a Nutcracker show. I want to do the workout shown in my video at least 3 times a week. It may have modifications and it may be more stretching some days.
I want to learn to do a back walk over, so I can “tick tock” between a back and front walk over. My back is still in a lot of pain, so I’ll be starting with a lot of stretching and work on the coordination when I feel better.
I want to only eat 4 or 5 days this month: on the 5th when my husband and I go out on a planned dinner date, and for three or four days while I’m visiting family for Thanksgiving. Other than that, I”M FASTING.
IF I need to eat to keep my energy up for work and dance or if my body fat does get too low, I’m going to experiment with the carnivore diet. This means meat and eggs. And I want to try eating as much raw as possible. I have a great source for beef in all kinds of cuts and free range eggs. I can get goo salmon, tuna, and yellow tail here in town too. I can also get liver and other organs, and I’m going to try liverwurst. No dairy, at least for this month. The days I’m with my family are my planned exception.
Another “if”; I might need some kind of plants to eat. If I do, I’ll add them in. But I’m also going to continue to research this kind of eating and see how I can prevent any malnutrition or other problems.
I really need to prioritize sleep this month too (as I type away at 11:00). Sleep I think was my downfall in my attempt to fast the last ten days of October. I’m going to aim for a 10:00 bedtime (starting tomorrow I swear!) so I can consistently get up to stretch or do my work out.
Hopefully in the videos I’ll be able to see progress in my face, my body, and on my tick tock.
Thanks for reading!

Week Two Update
November 18th

I found that making fewer videos made me feel less accountable. I’ve already eaten most of the days in the month, contrary to my now obviously too ambitious plan. So I went back to almost daily videos.

Here is my Week One Update Video, where I explore eating Raw Carnivore, and ramble as usual. FEEL FREE TO LISTEN DOUBLE SPEED.

I found that eating an egg raw is really no big deal. I had an excellent egg form a friend’s back yard chickens. You should at first make sure the yolk and white are thoroughly blended; that will help with texture, but it tastes like sipping heavy whipping cream. It is after all a great course of fat. Raw ground beef was also easy, but I admit I flavored it alo with mustard and Worcestershire sauce.

I did not eat intelligently on Sunday. I am still working on being smart with refeeding. Something I have talked with my Snake Diet coach about is my needing to transition from long fasts with reckless refeeding to shorter fasts, as short as 48 hours, and working on my discipline to eat the right stuff and not too much of it.
Something I do need to bring up with my coach is my desired physique. He works with TONS of people, and I think 70% of them are women. They mostly seem interested in a curvy muscular look. I too want to be muscular, but I want to be light. If I fast down to 110 lbs (pretty extreme but I want the math to be simple) I DON”T want to then train up to 120 and have to heft an extra ten pounds, muscle OR fat, into the air when I jump. I want to be as light as possible without sacrificing stamina, agility, or strength to execute ballet steps.

Here is the next video I made. I was hoping to fast the whole two weeks before Thanksgiving.

Here is the video where I puzzle over sleep. I have a great story about sleep in a bit, but you can see it really messing me up here.
My work out for the next few days was more of a “put in the movement” attempt. I didn’t push super hard and I didn’t do extra reps of anything.

I get seriously work out happy in this next one. Like I’m some kind of YouTube fitness star….sheesh. Please know I’m trying not to take myself too seriously, I have a lot to learn, but fasting itself IS serious and I’m trying to do right by my body, give it the motion it needs while I fast or in between fasts. This next video is even worse:

HOWEVER!!!! I am SOOOOOOO excited to have fasting friends from my real life (meaning I see these people in person frequently). By older brother has done by now several 24 hour fasts. My younger sister did 49 hours, her husband did 72 hours, her father-in-law did about 50 I think, and my older sister has tried intermittent fating is is getting really excited about the Keto life style. My sister-in-law has done OMAD (one meal a day for a while, but recently did 4 full days of fating. She and I have been texting non stop about fasting, health and family challenges.

Lets talk about that. My older sister’s in laws run a candy factory. She is good at making and eating keto foods and loves it, but laments about family pressures to make and serve much higher carb things. My sister-in-law has the same challenge, but she is able to exert a little more influence over her kids, at least for nw. We are both worried about the upcoming family feasts and parties. My younger sister is a nutritionist and can see the benefits of fasting, but she also loves to bake, and frequent visits to her in-laws involve cereal for breakfast a lot of the time. Her husband is a pretty hard core guy, I’m SUPER impressed that his first long fast was a whole three days. But I’m not sure about his opinion of giving up carbs.
My older brother is figuring it out too. I’m so proud of all these people!
Here’s why carbs are a big deal with fasting. When you get into ketosis, you are burning body fat for fuel. When you eat high fat low carb, you are also burning fat for fuel. How ever, burning sugar, or carbohydrates, is much easier for the body to initiate, and as soon as you take in more than 20 to 40 grams, fat burning from ingested fat and body fat STOPS until the sugar is all burned up. Then the transition back to fat is REALLY HARD. Its like starting a fire with pine needles and trying to also get a log to burn. The pine needles flare up right away and are gone before the log even gets warm. moderate protein, dietary fat, and fasting are the in between fuel and tools to get the log burning again. If you stick with eating high fat, the switch is MUCH less painful. You won’t have sugar withdrawals.

Several people in my family are reading a book by Dr. Bosworth called Anyway You Can. She beats her 70 year old mother’s Lipoma with a keto diet and intermittent and long term fasting. I think she does a 30 day fast at one point and sticks to Keto OMAD and two to three day fasts after that. Amazing. My mom, two sisters and I are motivated to tyr her four week keto challenge. Keto strips with pink on them for twenty eight days in a row.

Here is the next video where I talk about my back pain, which is finally getting better, and Cole’s advice to at least keep moving through a fast.

In this next one I can see the start of my sleep problems which messed me up for this second week. But this one is short. Again, my daily videos help me with accountability, so if you prefer reading, skip these clips.

Here is the fourth day of fasting in a row, and I am not doing well. I know my period is coming in about a week and the week before is always a challenge for me physically, I just get so tired, even when I’m not fasting. And not sleeping well is catching up with me here. This is the day I messages Cole and he told me to stop doing long fasts and stick to 48 hour fasts. I tried really hard to eat sensibly this day, and I started out well. I ate a bunch of vegetables, high fat cheese, some liver paste ( no sugar in the seasoning), some left over beef, home made mayonnaise, and soe eggs. Great start. But I didn’t feel full. So weird. Maybe I was still dehydrated? So I ate a two apples and a tortilla with cheese on it. Oops. My ketone stick was very pale pink for the next few days instead of deep purple. Darn it.

Here are my hang ups with shorter fasts. One, I think I have more weight to lose than just five pounds or so. I’m 144 or so in this video and I’ve been a happy energetic 120. That’s twenty pounds! That is fuel for at least a seven day fast! And I’d love the constant motivation of losing it so quickly! Two, again, I think Cole works with women who want to be beach models. I don’t want a large round muscular bum, I want a narrow streamlines bum. I want wiry muscles, not thick ones. But I’ll see what advice he has for me there. I can’t be the only female he’s worked with who has slightly different goals.

Here is the follow up the next day:

I had a great workout that morning. I still felt a little blah, but I had energy and drive to get things done. That is something else that tends to leave the last week before my period. I lose all my ambition. I don’t want to write, work on my business, do extra workouts besides ballet class, read, or do house work. Then the week it stars I “magically” get all this energy and I want to build and create and work hard. So this lack of sleep and my impending biology made this week less successful for fasting than I wanted. Another thing I need to learn along with the discipline of shorter fasts and smarter refeeds, is that fasting WILL be different at different times of the month. I need to keep that in mind and plan long fasts for the highest energy weeks. Maybe that would help the low energy week go by with less drama and self hate.

So let me tell you about


On Saturday, I woke up feeling worse, despite my fast from the day before. Sleep has just been alluding me. I got a big order for my business and stayed up ordering fabric and prints, and one of my sweet kitties woke me up around 5 and I couldn’t’ get back to sleep.
I weighed 144 pounds and my keto strip was still pale pink. My waist was up a half inch. I was ticked off at the whole world.
So I got up and taught two pre ballet classes for a friend who was sick, and attended a Snowflake rehearsal. I love teaching, the kids were adorable and we had a blast together, and I love dancing the in our wonderful Snowflake corps. But on the drive home I complained to my husband that I wanted to punch things and eat a whole cake.

We got home at about 12:30 and I crashed hard on the bed. i slept for almost four hours. Wow. It was deep and hot. Amazing.

When I woke up, I felt like an entirely new human. I weighed 140 pounds ( I lost four pounds just sleeping!) which means everything most people think they know about metabolism is wrong, and my keto strip was darker pink, almost purple. Even more importantly, I HAD ENERGY AND DRIVE. My husband and I went to the temple, which is a little like Catholic Mass if you don’t know, and I got super fidgety. I tried to concentrate on the teaching, but I had all these plans and lists running through my head. I couldn’t wait to get home.

When I did get home, as you’ll hear in the video, I did my workout cycle FULL OUT three times, I did two loads of laundry, made pudding for a church function tomorrow. went on a long walk in the cold in light clothes to shock my body and hopefully wear it out so I could sleep, made the video below, planned some of our Thanksgiving travel, took a hot Epsom salt bath to try to lose a little more water weight and warm up, took a hot and cold alternating shower to further tire my body and be as clean as our fresh sheets I’d just put in the dryer, sent my accountability update to Cole, and caught up on reading. Whoo.
It still took a bit for me to fall asleep, adn this morning I woke up at 6:30, but I think I’ll be able to keep this god thing going. This Sunday is a relaxed day, we aren’t visiting in laws, so I’ll nap again if I need to and take it easy. SLEEP IS KEY to getting this fasting thing down.

Here is the video:

I’ll keep doing shorter videos at least all this week. I have plans for making sure my weight at least stays the same for my next check in with Cole and that will take some strategy and motivation wile I’m visiting family. I NEED to check in here and with my fasting team. I’ll share those plans and strategies in the next few videos.

Happy fasting and feasting to everyone, especially if you are celebrating USA Thanksgiving this week.

November 30th Update

Well its been a great month. I fasted 12 days out of 30. Not quite the ratio I wanted but that is still pretty good.

I skipped a few family dinners and a church event that was about food. Bad food. cookies and bread and a celebration of sugar flavored pumpkin. Wow. Here’s the video where I talk about that.

Dray fasting is so powerful. It is great for losing weight fast so it is motivating, but of course once you rehydrate the wight goes back up, but you also enter ketosis faster, which means you are still burning up some fat stores, even if a dray fast can’t last as long as a salt water fast.
Something I try to keep in mind if my energy flags during any kind of fast is that as far as physical activity I still need to put in the motions. Even if I can’t do a work out full out or do every rep in a ballet class, I can put my body through the training and burn a little more fat in the process.

Sleep is SO important! I have already said that a lot and I’ll keep saying it, especially when I fail with sleep. This last dry fast made sleep hard, and when I’m tired my wisdom around food and refeeding disappears. I broke that dry fast the next day and I did a pretty good job with the contents of my refeed, but I still consumed too much. It was how ever WONDERFUL to be able to get some good sleep in after that. So sleep while fasting is a puzzle piece I’m still working on.

After eating again, I’m amazed at the extreme in energy. I couldn’t imaging having to continue all my obligations without some fuel. I was surprised despite all my experience at how quickly I went from just wanting to lie down to trying to do everything at once and having the energy to actually come pretty close!
Fasting is a wonderful place to be in your head and body, but its also amazing to have ALL THIS ENERGY! And for my nails to be hard and healthy and my skin to be clear and smooth. That comes from fasting then eating good things.

I had all these great plans for getting through the week of Thanksgiving. They only kind of worked. I didn’t fast for the full three days before like I wanted to. I didn’t keep my eating window small while I was visiting family, and by the second day in my old habitat I was eating all the junk that made me a fat teenager.
Please know it was WONDERFUL to be with family. It was NOT wonderful to get home and have to sleep for almost three days to recover from eating too much and from eating trash.
And its so weird how all my goals and plans went out the window. Habits and habitat are powerful. Everything I’d planned for left my brain.
One problem is that my parent’s house is a little small for the 8 couples that convene for holidays. kids over run the main social room so adults go to the kitchen for conversations that don’t have to be shouted over children playing. But in the kitchen there is food every 12 inches for snacking. And it’s too cold to meet outside. I’m hoping to solve this problem in the future by building some kind of Tiny House for family gatherings and people who want to play with kids or who need to work on making food for meals (not just endless snacking) can go back to the main house. Or something like that.

Here is my video after I got home and slept off my mistakes. I realize better than ever that I pay for bad carbs with needing to sleep an insane amount. Not healthy.

For this next video I felt great. I have my energy back in control and I had a great fast day. This means I don’t really have a lot to report. I just ramble about how my day went, because a good fast day is uneventful. I did have a moment of wanting to eat, but I was fortunately on the train on my way home and by the time I got to my house the thought had disappeared. Remember that hunger comes in waves and you just have to ride them. I need to remember that.
Also, I talk a little about lady issues. Nothing too graphic, but just informational. Its reality and even if you are a guy, you have women in your life you care about and you need to know at least a little about what we deal with. What stuf do guys hide that would actually be better form women to know about?

This next one the audio is unfortualy very soft. I was at work and didn’t want to disturb others. But it was another pretty un eventful fast day. Feeling great!

We made it to the end of November Fast! Here is my final video.

I’ve been working a little more closely with Cole, my Snake Diet coach. I need to work on my discipline with refeeding, and my sleep.
I did calorie restriction about four years ago and had wonderful success with it until it stopped working like it always does. I got so miserable during the regain period that I developed a fear of counting calories, especially after finding Paleo, Keto, and fasting. I need to reinstate it as a tool. I need to get over the fear and apply all the numbers i memorized to my food intake so that when I refeed, because as much as I wish it weren’t true, I can’t fast forever, I stay in control. I still lose my head some times when I start eating again. This week I have had TREMENDOUS success with the content of my refeeds. I may eve be getting over my nut and dairy addictions! But I still consume too much.
I find it easy to fast long (usually) then eat big. But as I get closer to my lean ballerina body, that will get harder and harder. Sleep will be even more impossible to manage. I MUST gain the discipline to eat once a day or once every 36 to 48 hours, but eat the CORRECT foo and the RIGHT AMOUNT of food.
This is an area of growth i want to explore in the last month of the year.

November Fast was informative and powerful.
But for December I want more.
Please join me on Facebook or by sending an email to be put on a newsletter list in celebrating with December Fast: Balancing Feasting and fasting for Power and Growth. That’s not the official name, but it sounded good in my head.

Happy Holidays. Happy Celebrating. Happy fasting.