This photo says so much. Love of ballet, friendship in challenging times. I’m not in this photo, but I was there that day and it was truly special.


The dancer in the leg brace is my friend Chrystel. The dancer helping her tie ribbons is another friend, Heidi. I have danced with both of them in several Nutcracker runs and spring shows with a local ballet school, SLC Ballet.  They have an excellent schedule of classes and performance opportunities for adult dancers of every level.


Chrystel had recently hurt her knee, but a favorite teacher of ours was visiting from Russia and she HAD to take class, even if she could hardly bend her leg.


When I think of someone being passionate about dance, I’ll admit my mind goes to the list of great names past and present in the dance world. But this photo reminded me that anyone can have a passion for an art form without being a professional., Even if she isn’t physically able to express it all the time, dance can be just as important to the beginner and part timer as it is to the prodigy. I have a passion for dance, but I’m still an old armature, trying to get to classes and rehearsals between work and home responsibilities.


Dance still offers people like me, Chrystel, and Heidi a chance to be passionate and expressive. We may all find fulfillment in our everyday work and in our homes, but dance is a place that both takes us out of our daily routine and brings everything in life a greater meaning and peace.


What does dance do for you? What does art do for you? It can be very personal, so don’t feel obligated to share in the comments, but if you do have a thought, feel free.