Fall Bullet Pointes

Hello dancers and teachers! I hope your school year and dance seasons are going well.  What shows are you planning for? What goals have you set for yourself in class?

I only have one Bullet Pointe for you this time:


This is the number one step toward achieving them. You have just come from a great summer with hopefully a good balance of training, rest, and recreation. Now its time to use your new skills and rested brain to EXPLODE into the new season and GET WHAT YOU WANT.

I don’t necessarily mean get the lead roll or that dream contract. There are so many factors that are out of your control. But you CAN master an advanced step, you CAN condition your body to look the way you want, and you CAN stay positive and supportive in your dance community. WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU WANT THEN GO GET IT!

I believe in you. I have some big goals this fall too, despite a few setbacks that have already happened. But I know what I want and every day I am excited to get up and chase it. And every night I lie down knowing I’ve stepped just a little closer.

I also want to thank you for your support for Cheval this year. Thank you for trusting our products and in a few cases, helping us make them better. We can’t keep growing without people like you. Thank you for sharing your photos and taking part in our give away events.

By the way, we currently have a giveaway happening right now on Instagram for slip on High Low Jewel Skirt.. It ends this Friday!

Here is to a wonderful fall, I wish you all the best.