We hope you summer is going well.

We know summer is BUSY so we’ll keep these brief. If you are dancing, teaching, or chauffeuring dancers-in-training, keep these in mind for the hot summer:
  • Drink water! Its hot out and especially if you are training hard, it can be tricky to know how much you need. Drink enough to keep your mouth moist. If you aren’t sweating in class but feel light headed, drink more.
  • Salt is not the enemy. We actually need some salt to stay hydrated. Don’t eat a bag of chips by yourself, but don’t skip salt altogether at every meal.
  • Sleep is important, especially if you are dancing and moving more than you are used to. Its easy to stay up late because the sun is up late too, but make sure you get to bed and spend some time relaxing before you go to sleep.
We know everyone is running fast to get the most out of summer training, travel, and vacation time. We wish you all the best here at Cheval Dancewear!