I didn’t say draw well. But sometimes my love for dance bleeds over in to other art forms.


I call my drawing my Happy Amateur activity; it makes ME happy.

My dear mother has tenderly framed a handful of things.

This Alice in Wonderland series was done for my litle sister when she starred in a production of that ballet. It made her and my mother very happy.

Always good to draw before you paint, to make sure you can make the subjects and setting work before you spend time getting colors and brushes right

I had excellent art teachers in high school. I always go back to their basic instructions. Maybe some day I will slow down some other projects and return to trying to master those basics. Just like we do with plie and tendu every day.

Ballet is the perfect art form to practice drawing. Dancers are perfectly proportioned humans who are constantly training to show the best line. Attempting to understand and capture that line is a great exercise for draft and drawing skills.

Then, there is space for creativity in costuming. Not so much, I feel, for back ground. The ballet line is usually already so complete, and dancers are usually featured on mostly empty spaces, I have rarely felt the need to “place” a dancer in a situation or environment. Maybe this will change.

Dance lines are both organic and highly contrived. This is why it is so easy for choreographers to over use the word “organic.” There are non uniform curves found in independently moving bodies, and there are perfect 90 degree angles.

Yes, I stole this one from a dancewear ad.

This one is more of a doodle.

Drawing is something I have always valued in myself. I used to draw every day. I don’t any more. Maybe I spend too much time on Facebook. The longer the time periods between a serious “arting” session the longer it takes me to get the basic drawing down. Some times I want to skip ahead and just play with paint.

I found a spiral of wire while out on a walk. My husband said it came from a lawn mower engine. I tacked it to the canvass and painted around it.

Here the drawing wanted to go off in to the frame.


Do you art? What else do you do outside of ballet or dance? What do you someday hope to give more time to?