Nailing a Photo Shoot

In the age of mega media sharing, so many dancers are striving to get a flattering shot or video. It could be for a resume for your dream job, or just another Instagram or Snapchat post. Everyone wants to look good, so here are a few tips for a nice image, even if it’s just a quick one for fun after class or rehearsal.

  • Make sure you are not in front of bright studio windows, unless you want and can get a clear silhouette. Have your friend (or set up your device) stand in front of the windows so the light is coming at you.
  • However you have your working either with a friend or set to record as you walk away from it, make sure it is placed a little below you. If it is too high or someone taller than you is filming or taking the photo, you will look shorter and slightly wider.
  • Check that you aren’t wearing any warm ups that you don’t want in your photo or video.
  • Make sure you are WARM. It can be exciting to have a camera on you, even if it is just your phone, so make sure your photo shoot doesn’t cause an injury.
  • Make sure your photographer doesn’t end up being seen in the mirror! he or she should stand to the side or against a wall to avoid being in the shot in a reflection.
  • In this day of digital imagery, don’t be afraid to take LOTS of photos and redo videos as many times as you have time and energy for. It is better to have lots of material to choose from for editing and sharing, especially if you are paying some one to work the camera, than to only have a few that don’t really make you excited to share them.

Have you done any photo shoots for auditions? Or do you like to take photos and videos after class with friends? What tips and tricks have you found to make images you are proud to put out into the world? Share in the comment section!