Whew! Is Nutcracker Season over yet? From all of us here at CDW, we wish you a happy, healthy, and hopefully low stress rest of your season, whether you still have shows or you’ve already celebrated closing night.

Here are a few brief tips for staying healthy and energized, either for continued performances or travel and family gatherings.

  • Erin McMahon, Soloist with Central West Ballet, says that she makes a smoothie every morning with everything she knows she’ll need for the day. That way, no matter what schedule changes or rearrangements come up, she knows her body and brain are fueled. She tries to put in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables so she knows the basics are covered.
  • Katherine Morgan, former NYC Ballet Principal and Ballet Youtuber, suggests mentally running your show in your head while you pack you performance bag to make sure you have everything for every roll, not matter how casting works out. She also suggests keeping makeup and any liquids COMPLETY separate from all dance wear and warm ups, because you never know if something might spring a leak!
  • Alana Griffith of Milwaukee Ballet uses a hot bath as a pre warm up, before she even steps in to the studio or begins a cross training session. We agree, especially if you live in colder weather like we have here in Utah, just strolling into class won’t get everything warmed up before stage time.
  • On that same note, take time to rest. Maybe forgo the late night after party after a weekend show. Instead go home and relax both your mind and your body with a hot bath, a light dinner ( heavy food can detract from a your body fully repairing itself as you sleep) and an early bedtime.
  • On family gatherings where you feel you might over indulge and struggle with your stage and class image (don’t worry, more dancers than you think have this same worry): Start right and stay hydrated. When you go to a family dinner or a holiday party, start with the fruit and veggie tray and always keep a glass of water close at hand. Go ahead and have a taste of Grandma’s Famous Fudge. Close your eyes and enjoy it. Tell Grandma how good it is and how much you love her.  Then have some protein to feel full.  You’ll be back hard at work in the studio before you know it, and looking like your amazing dancer self.

Thank you so much to all the dancers who wrote in with tips for this post. We wanted to keep it short, but we are also planning on doing an extended version in early spring.

We wish you a, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and joyful dancing

Cheval dance Wear Staff

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