Thank you for checking out my blog. Its a little wonky in that its not always about the dancewear. Its not always about the dance world and some times its not even about ballet, its just about me.

I’m Sarah. I started Cheval Dancewear….I’m still not sure why. To make money to fund my ballet addiction, sure. To give small pointe shoe scholarships to young dancers in my area, YES! though I’ll admit that was an after thought.

I like to create. I like to plan and invent and do projects. Starting a dancwear business seemed like something I could figure out (still working that direction) and that I understand, at least as far as what i personally like in a leotard.

So the blog will have some promotional stuff, guest posts from fellow dancers and teachers, tips on surviving summer intensives and preparing fora photo shoot or audition, how to make the camera work for you, how to get out of your own head as a dancer, and any current dance world issues I develop an opinion on.

There will also be some ballet history, both my own and in general. I have a series on my teachers and also on how the history of accounting led to the invention of ballet.

This blog will also just be about me. My goals as a dancer and as a person. I have posts on my ballet workouts, my body image, cold shower therapy, my stretching routine, my morning routine,  different diets I’ve tried, experiments with fasting, my experiences as a teacher and a pianist for ballet classes, and how my “real life” effects what I do in class and onstage.

I’ve tried to label things so you can easily find the more “professional” items. Bullet Pointes are short posts with tips for dancers and small updates on the business, like how to apply for my pointe shoe scholarships or enter give away events or where the next pop up store will be. Full Pointes are about me and my work on my body and my dancing. And all the weird stuff. Guest Posts are posts by dancers and other dance bloggers that offer other tips for your dancing life and personal stories from dancers at every level, beginner, adult beginner and returning, and professional.

So welcome. If you want to write for me, email from the Contact us page or directly to

If you want to support my dancing and the Cheval Pointe Shoe Scholarship, buy an item form my store. For special orders, please email.

Happy dancing.