Hi all! You are receiving this because in some way you have supported or inquired about Cheval Dance Wear! This will be a monthly short email with tips and advice for dancers, ballet history and current events, and input from YOU! Also of course, coupons, sales and first news on new items in the online store.
If you DON’T want to receive these emails, just let me know in a reply and I’ll take you off the list.

Here are this months tips, very basic:
After a day of dancing that you know will leave you sore, do these
Drink extra water, up to 32 oz more than you would normally drink.
Eat a banana (or two!) or white mushrooms, which have more potassium per ounce than a banana.
Take a hot bath or shower, and finish it off with a cold shower, as cold as you can stand, for about 30 seconds.
If you’d like details on these items let me know!
If you have more advice for dancer care, please share!
Feel free to pass this on to the dancers in your life and invite them to join. I’d like to create a supportive community for all dancers, teachers, parents, and ballet enthusiasts.

Thanks again for supporting my business, happy dancing!