So many things have been happening with the change in the season. We closed down our Summer Ambassador Event ( ), we’ve received our first UNIFORM CONTRACT! And of course everyone is getting ready for fall training and the inevitable Nutcracker, traditional and otherwise.
Here at Cheval we are brainstorming holiday ideas, but also trying to keep in mind that less is more. We don’t want to bombard you with yet another exortation to buy buy buy; ( though we do think our Butterfly Skirts make amazing gifts). As dancers and supporters of dancers we already have a lot going on. Here are some thoughts on keeping your fall and winter dancing interesting and rewarding without getting too stressed or burned out.

1. Keep a calendar: Schedule all classes, rehearsals, PT sessions, and most of all SCHEDULE DOWN TIME. Dedicate time to rest and a hot bath, at least once a week. You’ll need to guard this time as carefully as you do your rehearsal hours, don’t let some one else take this time away from you. An over all schedule will decrease stress and fear that you’ll miss something (especially if you are dancing in or helping with multiple shows) but scheduling time for yourself will esnure you have the energy and health to follow through.

2. Chew Slowly: This might seem like out of place advice, but it is perfect for people with a lot going on, like dancers, and for the holiday season. When you eat, do it slowly and mindfully. You’ll taste and enjoy your food more. You’ll absorb more energy and nutrients from your food. Your brain will appreciate a mini meditation session. Enjoy those amazing holiday treats without fear of popping out of your tutu, but take each one slowly, enjoy it, savor it, and don’t feel bad. Food, especially good food, can add happiness to our lives, almost as much as dancing does, if we take time to chew slowly.

Happy fall, and all the best for your season!